Sweet 16!


Yes! I’m so excited! I’m finally going to get to celebrate my birthday at Disneyland, and the most special one yet. I’m having my sweet 16 at Disneyland :wub:

I’m not going on my exact day, (June 12) because I want to go when Pirates of the Caribbean opens back up (June 27). I really want to see Jack! I’m sooooooo excited!

-Do you guys know if they’d let me still wear the “birthday sticker” even though I’m not going on my actual birthday?

My mom is the best. She’s letting me bring my friend with me, and even letting us have our own hotel room! :happy: I love that lady. I’m so excited I just don’t know what to do! I’ve already packed several times. Probably several more times tonight… :heart:


Hope you have a great time and Happy Birthday in advance!


Oh how fun!! i wish i could’ve had mine there in January but oh well!. I’m going in june which is good enough. I’ll be there the same time as you. YOur so lucky


If your celebrating your b-day by going to DL, I’m very sure they’d give you a sticker anyways. Just explain to them that this is how you are celebrating it. (even though it’s late)


Wow thats very cool! Have fun and happy b-day! :smile:


I’ll be there for my Birthday too! Happy Birthday to you Ariel! They will totally let you wear your Birthday sticker any day. We celebrated my Mom’s 50th Birthday this last year a month after her Birthday and she wore it every day we were there!


Oh, how awesome!!! What a way to celebrate that special day!!! :biggrin: And I wish you and early and awesome birthday! :mickey:


What a way to spend you 16th birthday. Have a great time.


Yay Ariel! Happy birthday, what a wonderful surprise!


What a great mom! My mom took me to DL for my 15th :heart: I hope you have a magical trip :mickey:


I hope this will be as fun as it sounds!

Best wishes and enjoy your special day!!!


Thanks so much everyone!!!
I’m very relieved that I’ll be able to wear the sticker when I go. A lot of my friends were telling me that I probably wouldn’t be able to, because I won’t be able to get there on my actual birth<b>day</b>. I can’t wait to go! And yes, I do have the most incredible mother in the world. The most awesome thing about her is that she doesn’t even like Disneyland, and she’s just taking me and my friend anyways. She’ll only be with us for one day at the park, the rest of the time her and her friend will have their fun. I’m so, so excited. I really want to eat at Ariel’s Grotto for my “birthday dinner”. Has anyone eaten there before? It seems really nice.

Happy birthday to you too, Pixie! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure you’ll see me there. I’ll be the girl with the bright red hair skipping around and singing disney songs. :smiley:


Happy Birthday in advance Ariel!! Hope you have a great time!


THANKS!!! Hopefully i’ll see you there. I cant wait. My aunt has been to Ariels grotto for thanksgiving last year and they really liked it and my cousins are really picky eaters so it must have good food LOL


Ooh YAY, that’s so exciting!! And I’m sure they’ll let you wear the birthday sticker even if it’s not EXACTLY your day…you’ve saved the celebration for Disney! Even Disney understands that! :biggrin:

DH and I ate at Ariel’s Grotto on our honeymoon…we had a lot of fun! I had some yummy pasta with marinara and cheese…hubby had fish and chips. The food was good, and we ate outside so it was really magical to see Paradise Pier glittering across the water! :wub:


I know! It looks so gorgeous. I can’t wait to eat there, it must be beautiful. Paradise Pier is so cool- maybe they’d let me go on the deck and take a few panoramic pictures of it. :wub: Ah, I’m so excited. The one thing about my trip is that I won’t be going at the time POTC will be re-opening, but I’ve heard they start the soft openings on June 5th, so hopefully I’ll be able to test it out. :happy:


I hope POTC is open for you Ariel!! You are going to have so much fun…only 37 more days :mickey:


Thank you very, very much! 36 now… :smiley:


Just a short update:

IT’S SO CLOSE!!! :smiley:


Okay, sorry for the triple post, but this trip is so close I can smell the churros. I can’t believe it- 16 days! Ahh… we’ve got reservations for Ariel’s Grotto already, and everything’s going so smoothly I can’t hardly believe it. This week’s my last week of school, and my birthday day is in 2 days- on Monday. I love it when things turn out just perfectly!!! :slight_smile: I’m so happy. The only thing is that my mom’s bringing her friend Christy, who has a DS 4. They want to go on “the big kid rides” (Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, MaliBoomer) so my mom wants me and Emily to watch him. I’m kinda nervous about having a little boy with me… I am scared of losing him… but I guess I owe it to my mom since she’s taking me all the way to Disneyland. This would be a good time to go on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Peter Pan, and Snow White’s Scary adventures. Does anyone have any advice on how to take care of a little one in a park?