Swiss Family Robinson


We watched the movie on Hallmark Channel today. First time that DS(11) has seen the movie. As soon as he saw the tree house he said, “Hey, that’s like the tree house at Disney World!” Cha-ching. We forgot that he had no point of reference when we climbed that thing three years ago. Now he wants to go up again to see “if it’s the same as the one in the movie.” :laugh: :happy:


yeah, I was bummed out when they replaced the Swiss Family Treehouse in Disneyland with the Tarzan set… :pinch:

Just not the same… :mellow:


You know it’s crowded at the MK, if there’s a line for the Treehouse.:laugh:

We still climb it every few years - it really is kinda neat and you get a great view from the top.

Isn’t it funny how many things happen that you compare it with Disney?


:laugh: We call the Tree House the “Great Queue Experience”. You wait and wait and wait in a themed line to… Exit.

Seriously though, the Tree House is fun. I wish they would incorporate more interactive elements to it though. Even have a cast member out front telling the legends of the Swiss Family and their great treehouse. You know, for all the kids who are no longer aware of the movie and such.


I read a rumor somewhere once (have to see if I can find it) that they were going to remove this and replace it with a black pearl replica to explore . . . kinda keep the pirate theme going in that area of the park!


I’d miss the Treehouse; but a Black Pearl replica would be awesome! My kids would love it.


Oh I would miss the tree house too! we dont do it every year but its nice now and again, but I guess things have to move on and I am sure the Black pearl would be more popular with the kids.


I hope this is just a rumor! Enough with the Pirates!:pirate:
I miss the Swiss Family Robinson tree house at DLR…Tarzan just isn’t the same.:closedeye


I asked (I think on another forum) sometime ago if anyone knew if any of the props they have in the tree are actually from the movie. Never got an answer. Do any of you know?:confused:


You know, I’ve thought the same thing…but I would imagine that because of weather concerns, the props in the Treehouse had to be specially created, to withstand rain, etc.