Swiss Family TreeHouse


Hi as many times as I have been to MK I have
never seen this…Am I missing out? Would
ds that is 3 enjoy it?


I think it’s something a 3 year old might like but for us once was enough for us. You are going at a time when the crowds should be low so you should have plenty of time to fit it in, if you were going in July I would say skip it.


We enjoyed it the first time and skipped it the second time. I’ve heard it’s pretty cool at night so we might try that this time around. It’s worth seeing once! If DS isn’t afraid of heights, go for it.


as long as he can mange stairs really well, go for it. otherwise, you might be carrying him for most of it. people are in a “line” touring the treehouse…up…then down…LOTS of stairs. the treehouse is cute, but my DD, who is 4 1/2 doesn’t get “into” really. She is too busy looking at her feet so she doesn’t trip. the line is moving steadily, not really allowing each person to stop and really look long at each room…it’s a walk-through. and all this is being said by someone who goes during Jan., the slow season.

we’ve done it the last 2 times we were there…it’s not on our TO DO list…but if we have time to kill waiting for a Fastpass, or something liek that, we will definitely do it again.


Ok, I think we might have to skip it again. DS might be scared of
Heights. We have other little ones with us too. Maybe next time.
Thanks for the information.


Yes, you definitely need to be up for climbing stairs. It’s pretty. I like it but I don’t enjoy looking at someone’s butt all the way up. I always wait for it not to be too crowded


I don’t want someone else looking at my butt all the way up!!! LOL


We did it once and it was nice but we havent bothered on other trips. Worth a look though.


The kids think its silly and not so interesting- but we do it EVERYtime because Dada wants to! My husband thinks its a family tradition! LOL


yay for Ed :smile:


Ill tell him you said that- he will totally agree with you. :laugh:


Night time IS cool up there! Last trip, we went up into the tree at night, and we were the only ones there! It was sooooo cool, and of course, you think "Wow, we could hide out and sleep here after the park closes… " :laugh:


I’ve never been to thrilled with this attraction. I don’t think I’ve even gone up there since the early 90’s.


That is something we have never done. It’s on the list now :happy:


We like using it as a “in between fast pass” time. The kids like climbing the steps. I ques to them it is like a jungle gym (no pun intended). We always feel like watching the movie after doing it. But yes, once probably is enough.


I’ve done it once in the daylight and once at night. I don’t think you can watch fireworks from up there, and even if you could, there’s always someone trying to get by you.
Sure, do it once.