Switched to Port Orleans


My DW got cold feet for Coronodo Springs with some of the info fellow MBers provided andthe fact we are not going for the DD. The food court was out of the norm so we decided to play it safe with our all time favorite.

Port Orleans.

We did have to move our stay back a day 8/9/08 thru 8/16/08.


Great choice!! I love Port Orleans!!


It’s our all time favorite.


I also love POR … Have a great time …


We enjoyed POR as well.


I am with all the rest who love, love, love POR. Were you able to add on Free Dining?


I haven’t stayed at CSR but I think you made a wise decision. Have a great trip.


Good choice, it’s always good to return to a favourite.


Good Choice…are you staying at French Quarter? if so, your DD will love the Serpant Pool!


Sorry hate to be the bubble buster on this one! :blush:

But having stayed at POR last July, and CSR this March I would have told you to stay with CSR. Lately POR just seems like it needs a complete overhaul . . . hopefully by the time you go, they will have started refurbing the rooms.

With that said . . . if POR is your favorite . . . then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Hey, you’re in DISNEY. . . can’t be all that bad! :happy:


SORRY!! Just saw in your other post it’s POFQ!!

Good choice . . . we were there in FEB and it was BEAUTIFUL!! :wub:


I agree! It’s time for a total refurb at POR…but, I still love it:wub: .


Us too- but it still feels like ‘home’ to us:heart:


Yes the grounds, pool, activities, dining ALL GOOD . . . rooms, not so much! :blow:

Here’s hoping it’s on the list of updates! PIXIE dust to POR!! :laugh:


No dinning. The dinning was only aval. for the cabins or boardwalk. We want to try to go twice this year so went for moderate no dinning. It ends up cheaper.


I garentee we will! :mickey: :smile:


French Quarter.


I’m loving reading all the great reports about POFQ, I have not been yet but cant wait to go.
as this is one of your old favourites I guess you pretty much know all there is to know about the place! but anyone that does not might find this link useful
Port Orleans - An Unofficial Visitor’s Guide to French Quarter and Riverside :heart:

I’ll look forward to your trip report:wub:


Old favorites are a good choice always. You know you like it there, so that a plus.:heart:


I know!!! The moment we pull up and step into the lobby my heart melts. It happens every single time. Walking down the hall from the food court, past Boatwright’s to Fulton’s general store feels like I’m walking through my house. I just love that place:wub: .