Switching from OKW to SSR to OKW in 6days/5 nites, What happens with the dining plan?


hi all, I posted this question on another thread, but thought it would get lost. I am going to Disney the end of Sept. but am at SSR for one night, then OKW for 2 nights then back to SSR 2 nights. I will have my park ticket, so I know I am fine with that, but what will happen with the dining plan? Do I need to go back to OKW to get my dining plan and then again go back to SSR to get my dining plan - or do they just gve me the 6 days when I check in at SSR?



Every time you check in you will get your new key to the world and your dining credits will be on each new key. Your credits will need to be used by midnight each night you check out so you can’t save them from resort to resort. (At least this was how it worked for us last summer when we moved form BCV to BWV.)


Good luck wiht all the changes… I know the DDP issue will work out perfectly!

I just have to ask about the schedule. Is it because of availability?


oh trust me, with 2 little ones (1 & 2) - I much rather stay at one resort, but I am on the waiting list for OKW - so ifff something opens up, then I’ll be at OKW the entire stay. I am almost thinking about switching the waiting list to SSR, I think I might have better luck getting there the entire stay. Any suggestions? I just gave them our Grand Gathering number, I don’t know if that will help - but the other 38 family members are staying at OKW. I guess before midnight, I’ll have to make sure we spent of DDP for that day.

thanks, :smile:


We have stayed at both places and they are equally as nice!! I just wanted to say have a great time— that is awesome that you have 38 other people going!!:mickey:


well, I am not sure if I did the right thing - but I just put my name on the waiting list for SSR. I have been on the waiting list for OKW (since my entire family is staying there), but no luck yet. So, I thought about it, and my DDP will be all screwed up when switching back and forth between resorts with my points expiring at midnight of the last day at that resort. So I decided to add my name to SSR waiting list, to see if I can stay at one resort for my stay, instead of flipping back and forth. I know Disney moves your luggage for you, but I would have to live out of the suitcases with 2 kiddos and the DDP would be all messed up. Since I am on both waiting list, what do you think my chances are of being at one resort for my entire stay?

So wish me luck, sprinkle some fairy dust my way - to get OKW for our entire stay.



I wish you the BEST of luck!! I’ve always had great luck getting my wait list.


Getting back to the dining plan, if this hasn’t already been addressed. You can only add the dining plan to your resort reservation for only the length of stay at that resort and any remaining credits will be available until midnight on the day you check out. If you have split your stay between two resorts, then you have to add the dining plan to both resorts’ reservations as the dining plan is not transferable. So, if you have the dining plan at both resorts, you need to use all remaining credits from the first reservation by the end of the day you switched, after that, those dining credits are expired, null and void. Your new credits are available as soon as you check in to the second resort, but in practice, you should not use any of them until you’ve used up all of the first reservation’s credits.
If you plan it properly, you should have no problems. We have done the dining plan on split reservations in the past and everything worked out fine.
Remember, if things look really grim, get a dining reservation for one of the two credit signature restaurants. That way, you’ll be sure you’ve used it all up. As for counters, any remaining try to use at your resort’s food court and get them in to go containers. Same for snacks.


thanks for the info on the dining plan thing expiring with resorts. That is the reason why I put my name on the wait list for OKW And SSR this way I have a better chance of staying at one resort without having to worry about the DDP. With my ADR’s and my sister’s birthday bash - I was counting on carrying over points to the following days - to compensate the 2 point restaurants, but that will not work out if I am split up with 3 different resort stays. So, hopefully - I’ll get lucky and be in one resort so this will not be an issue.
thanks for the info.