T Minus 4 hours to lift off!


I’d better get the car loaded and get out the door already!!
Don’t want to miss the launch!
They’re shooting Buzz Lightyear into space on the shuttle today!


Awesome, thanks for reminding us. We like to watch them on the NASA channel.


Sounds great. I wish we lived close enough to experience this!


You have a NASA channel? We don’t, or at least I don’t think we do. Got to go check that out. I would love watching that. Have fun Soundgod.


yay, I wish you save travels and a magical trip :biggrin:


We just watched the launch on CNN- can’t wait to hear about it from you!


Godspeed Shuttle Discovery!

Now I’m off to watch The Right Stuff on DVD. I love that movie!


Oh, dear! We missed it! It’s been a beautiful 90 degree day here, and we spent the day at our pool–we just got back in! I hate DS missed seeing the launch.


go to CNN.com!


It says “T minus 4 hours to lift off” and his post now says “4 hours ago”. :laugh: I guess I’m a little late!


Have a fun time Doug!


I booked my airfare lastnight for September. 98 days and counting!


Thanks! We got to watch it! Yay! I am always so amazed by the space shuttle. I remember when I was a child getting to watch the shuttle launches at school, and I wanted to be an astronaut! :laugh: That was before I realized how much math and science you had to take to become one!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


The way I do it is this-when I’m not at Jetty Park or the 528 Causeway,I watch Central Florida News 13 or the NASA channel,and when I see the shuttle lift off,I open the side door of my house and wait to see the plume of smoke in the air. Usually I see it through the palm trees before it breaks through-and what a glorious sight it is!!!


NASA streams it on line as well.

I watched from S.R. 520 between Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach. Wide open view from the crest of the bridge. I almost forgot about the sound when about a minute after it lifted off when a rumble and a bit of a pressure wave went past us.
I was considering 528, Jetty Park, or even Cocoa Beach itself, but settled on 520 because I knew I’d be able to park.


Read the book sometime.


Buzzes dream came true!! Yea!!! :happy:

I have to make my way up there one of these days!!

My Aunt works for NASA and is always sending us little tidbits!