T-Rex and Crystal Palace questions


Hi everyone! I have a couple of DDP questions. 1. Will T-Rex get on the dining plan? 2. What are the chances of getting in to eat somewhere if the CM says to you over the phone there are no ADR’s available? The spots we really want to go to are T-Rex and the Crystal Palace. Thanks!!


I have always had pretty good luck calling back repeatedly, especially if I call the week before my trip. I got just about everything else I wanted last night, we leave this weekend, except for Crystal Palace. However, as people move things around at the last minute, it gets easier.
Also, out of all the places we have walked up to on a busy day, Crystal Palace has by far been the easiest. It is so large and people cycle through so quickly, that it is pretty easy to just walk up and eat.


We have had two things happen when we have walked up to CP without PS – one is that they can seat us if we are willing to wait for a few minutes, and the other is that they will not be seating any non-reservations. It can go either way depending on the place and how ressies are running that night.
That said, you have chosen two extremely busy and popular places. I don’t think too many reservations would be cancelled or that you’d see a lot of no-shows at either place. I think they might be very. very tough to get into without a ressie.


I made ADR’s for T-rex and I don’t think T-rex will be put on the dining plan, it is owned by the same company as Rainforest cafe and they are not on the dining plan. I always use gift cards I earn from SR by taking surveys for Rainforest or Trex.




It also depends on when you want to go to CP. If you want morning/breakfast, you have a decent chance if you get there fairly early. Sometimes we haven’t been able to get reservations, but we’ve always been able to get in. It may be a little wait, but we’ve always been successful.


You’ll also have a better chance at CP if you walk up very late. They seat for breakfast until 10:30. It is also possible that they’d be able to seat you right after they switch over to lunch at 11:30.
I have had luck calling the morning of and getting a late breakfast reservation. Remember, you can always call dining once you’re on property, as well as use the lobby concierge at your hotel or any guest services in any park to make reservations in person. You can also go to any restaurant and they have the ability to make reservations for you at any restaurant in the system, not just their own. You can be flexible on the fly and change plans and sometimes even get better results than if you’d been calling once a week and hoping.


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I would call daily or every other day. There are often cancelations and the only way you’ll be able to getin on it is if you call often.As far as walk ups go, sometimes it can happen, but depending on when you are going in August, you come in during the free dining plan promotion, and I wouldn’t bet on getting in on a walk up.


The last time they told me “Disgruntled Guest” wasn’t an official character.

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Ive always been able to walk right up to CP and get right in.


[QUOTE=bosoxx65;967172]You can’t pay for comedy like this :laugh:

you and Boss are a hoot[/QUOTE]

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When I was booking ADR’s on May 21st I was told by my CM that they weren’t taking reservations for T-Rex at that time. I was left with the impression it was a walk-in… I’m going to have to call and see if I can book something, it’s one of the places my son really will love since he’s Dino crazy!


yes, I was able to book at T-Rex, but not for the day I wanted.