T-Rex restaurant in downtown disney?


Can anyone give me some information on the Trex restaurant ? Were kinda torn between eating there our first night in Disney, or Planet Hollywood. If the trex is on the dining plan, that would make the decision a lot easier. All input would be greatly appreciated. :mickey:


Don’t know about DDP acceptance for either. I swore off Planet Hollywood years ago. The food was good when they first opened, but has since gone downhill. But PH is really trying to get you in the the atmosphere and to sell merchandise.
I have seen mostly great reviews for T Rex, especially from family groups.


I’ve been to the T-rex 3 times and had a great time. The food was good (chain food) but they did give you a lot of it. The atmosphere was great, and so was the service. Unfortunatley they weren’t on the DDP. This was last April. I’m not sure if anything changed since then.


T-Rex is not on the dining plan, but is actually pretty good. The atmosphere is awesome! My oldest DD (she’s 5) loved it, we actually had to go twice our last trip, and now she keeps asking if we are going to eat there during our November trip. I would definetly say to try it. :wub:


I would choose this over PH any day. The atmosphere is terrific and the food is pretty good and varied too.


T-Rex isn’t on the DDP :sad: but i ate there on my last trip and loved it. Inside is way too cool.


We ate at T-Rex last year and it was ok. The atmosphere was better than the food. We werent real crazy about the food at all. It has been about 8 years since we ate at PH and we didnt like the food at all, everything seemed rush and the wait staff was nothing pleasant at all. So we decided not to go back. If I had to pick between the 2 places I would have to go with T-Rex… Sorry.


If you’re on the dining plan, skip Planet Hollywood and go to Wolfgang Puck Cafe or Raglan Road. T-Rex’s menu is very similar to Rainforest Grill (they are corporate cousins)


Make your ressie asap! We’re going Christmas week, and the ONLY ressie I could get was lunch on the 23rd! No dinners AT ALL! (of course we’re way inside the time to book) I’m sure the food is your classic franchise food, but every time we walk by, my DDs think of some excuse to go inside and check it out. It’s REALLY cool inside the place.


We went last December because my DD begged us. It is really cool inside, but other than that I was not all that impressed. Food is good but nothing special. Also it was packed the night we went and we didn’t have reservations so we waited for quite awhile. It just seemed a little chaotic when we were there. One of those places you probably have to try once and form your own opinion.


We enjoyed it, but it was hard to carry on a conversation. That was a bummer for us because we were visiting with friends we don’t get to see very often. Otherwise, the food was fine and atmosphere is great. We haven’t eaten at PH in YEARS, but don’t remember it being very good, so we picked this one. DS really enjoyed the digging yard!


Definately do Trex and definately call and make a reservation. VERY cool experience. Excellent food and service and worth the time.


The food was “so so” to us, but one thing we did notice no one has called out. The METEOR SHOWER! Every 15 minutes, the restaurant goes dark, the lights start flickering, and the meteor shower comes over head accompanied by a loud rumbling. It without a doubt made every single baby in the place start screaming their head off. So, while it was a VERY cool place, just get ready for the meteor shower/baby scream-fest every 15 minutes.


If you have kids going… go to TREX. Much better for kids than PH… However, food was ok… We did get a free appetizer though. We sat in the room for the meteor shower, and nothing happened. I was so disappointed. We were there at opening though, so things could have been a little different. Kids loved it!


To me this is reminiscent/ similar in concept to “watching the volcano blow” at Margaritaville, although the volcano is a large diorama over the bar of a little village at the foot of a volcano. There is a huge glass with markings, sort of like a measuring cup that slowly drains. When it is drained, the volcano erupts to the tune of “Volcano”.

YouTube - Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville In Orlando City Walk Volcano Eruption 3/10
YouTube - Margaritaville Volcano
YouTube - Volcano blows at Margaritaville


rainforest and trex even look the same from the outside! same stuff, seen one you have seen them all… not a fan. do ragland road!


Been to PH too many times and don’t plan on going back any time soon. T-Rex is not on the DDP, but we have our reservations for the end of November. Daughter has been there and said it is very similar to Rainforest Cafe.


We dined at TRex in June 2009 and we really enjoyed it. We were in the ice room and after awhile all those color changes can give someone with sensitive eyes a head ache. The meteor shower was cool in that room but we would ask to be seated some where else next time. Our kids LOVED IT! Especially DS (2 at the time) and he came home with some dinos from gift the shop.


We love the onion soup and onion rings at TRex. It is loud, but DS6 thinks that place ROCKS! See some pics from our last trip there…I’m hungry now!




If you’ve never been, it’s worth going once. I didn’t particularly think the food was anything special. My kids said it was a cool place, but they don’t even remember what they ate.