T-Rex started?


Screamscape is reporting site prep has started on the T-Rex Restaurant. It looks like RFC with Dinosaurs.
Here are the links.

Walt Disney World Resort


YouTube - T-Rex Cafe’ - Finished Project


T-Rex site prep work has been going on for several months now.


WOW - I would imahine at AK?? When will this be opening…sounds far off?

This trip we are looking for some new places to try.


I just read the links - i SHOULD HAVE READ BEFORE I POSTED - SORRY.
I see that its 2008 an DTD.

Always something to come back for - Thank God for Disney!


We just ate at the new one here in town… it wasn’t too bad. It really is similar to RFC.

We sat in a booth shaped like an oyster shell with a rather large dinosaur growling above our heads.


I was there in June and there were no barriers up. When did they start?


Did it growl all through dinner? I don’t know if I would like that.:huh:


yep, it sure did. It was some brontosaurus looking creature. The growling didn’t bother me as much as the yukky mossy stuff it was chewing on.:glare:


Huh, I love Rain Forrest Cafe. For a themed restaurant their food isn’t bad and the atmosphere is wonderful. Their pricing is on par with the moderate sit down-type Disney restaurants. So, I definitely welcome this place. I’ve never heard of it until now. So, thanks for the info! I’ll be awaiting this one and check it out when they open!!!


I was just there Monday, and the only work on restaurants is the conversion of Tusker House to a buffet and Yak and Yeti, which is behind schedule and nowhere near complete.


Little boys should adore the place, yukky moss and all.:happy:

Personally, I’ve out grown the noise of Rainforest Cafe and there’s so much better food at WDW without an elephant trumpeting or a gorilla screaming throughout the meal. However, the Rainforest Store cannot be beat for some of the best bargains in the World.


It is over at DTD next to McDonald’s. Although given its theme, AK would make more sense.


That’s funny because I feel the same way. We used to love the RC but we haven’t been in years. We have one in a mall close to the house and haven’t been in over 3 years.

I will definitely try T-Rex though.


Hmmm…I’d have to try it at least once for myself.


I hope the food will be better than Rainforest Cafe.