i couldnt help but notice on my disney trip (WHICH IM ON RIGHT NOW!) this resturaunt called T-Rex. I went inside and saw this HUGE DINO. But how is the food? But ill tell you right now those audio animatronics gave me a Dinosaur sized headache.


I’ve only went past it a few times never ate there. I don’t think we will unless its on the DDP. Have fun on your trip


I’ve heard mixed reviews on the food; most people compare it to the same quality as Rainforest Cafe.


We ate there last Oct. and the food was good. Like someone said, “on the same order as Rain Forest”. I don’t think it will be on the DDP because it’s not owned by Disney. But you never know.


That’s because it basically IS Rainforest Cafe with a different theme…


We will be eating there this coming Sunday nite!!! I’ll let everyone know how it is!!:laugh:


Yes, it’s a lot like Rainforest. They’re owned and operated by the same company. We have one locally. Very mediocre. I won’t be going simply because it’s something we can do at home and I refuse to waste time doing things that aren’t unique to us. Not to mention, DD has hit that age (8mo) where any loud or sudden noise sets her off. The blender or Cuisinart is like WW3 around here. I also don’t think the food would be worth a dining credit if it were on the DDP. Just my 2 cents.


I’ve been hearing the same kind of reports; mediocre food, not worth it, etc…
I think the dinosaurs are cool for certain aged children but I’d never bother. They have Rainforest Cafe & similar restaurants at the mall here.


We went in January and I hated it. The food was just ok, totally overpriced and the atmoshere gave me a huge headache and I couldn’t wait to get out of there!!


we have eaten there twice both times not very good,yes it is the same almost as rainforest but rainforest has specials that aren’t bad and in my humble opinion,they have their act straight while TREX is more like rainforest when they first opened,food quality not great service, just OK…for me it would be rainforest and pass on TREX and yes in the wrong room a BIG HEADACHE


I sense a theme here. And yes, I got a headache too just walking through to check it out.

I’m sure my boys would have been crazy about it when they were younger and I would have gone and paid the high prices for mediocre food just to make them happy. :happy: After all, that’s what we do the whole WDW vacation for!


Forgive my ignorance, where is it? Animal Kingdom? I saw pix on someone’s trip report and they look awesome.


It’s in Downtown Disney, right next to the McDonalds . . . trust me you can’t miss it!!

I agree with everyone . . . it’s a GREAT place to visit, but I wouldn’t pay to eat there. It’s WAY loud and then it gets DARK and then BRIGHT and did I mention it’s LOUD!!! It’s like Hard Rock Cafe x10!

My girls like to check out the shop, dig at the dino dig and then we go eat at WGP!


I went with some friends around when it first opened and we all thought the food was better than Rainforest Cafe. We also thought that was because it was newer and they were paying more attention to that kind of thing. I haven’t been since then, but since so many people say the food isn’t great, maybe they’ve already given up on it?


It will be our first time eating there this trip and I was looking on the allearsnet.com website and I don’t see anything very appealing to eat there, I just hope I like it! We are mainly going because my nephew is totally into dinosaurs right now!


I don’t think we will be eating there. We stopped by in Feb. to check it out and were not that impressed by the menu. Plus, it was quite loud. If you just want to see the dinos, you can walk in all look around. They also have a gift shop with merchandise.


I live about 5 min. from the first one in Kansas city, KS. I think the food is ok, the price is up there but the amount of the food you get is huge. I got the burger last time and I would have to say it was at least 5 inches in hight.

I love taking the kids because the have other stuff to do like dig in a big sand box, wash through a bag of dirt for gemstones, build-a-Dino, and some other cool things to look at. All of these other things do cost a little extra money but in the end to watch my kids have a blast is worth it.


again my choice would be the rainforest ,they ahve the discount almost the same menu,and when I was there they had specials and the prices were cheaper…and actually the theming was nicer in my humble opinion…


My boss has a ressie here for this Friday afternoon before their 6:00 Cirque show. They have a 10 year old boy…I hope they like it!


We have eaten there about 4 times in the last 3 trips. (We make 4 trips to WDW a year.) We happen to like it very much, and we are old. The food is good and reasonable. More than back home but it is, after all, Disney.