Some friends of ours are meeting us for dinner on Friday night 5/14. We’ve decided on T-Rex Cafe, but I can’t get reservations. I know they will do walk-ups, it just might be a wait. Does anyone have any idea what kind of wait we’re talking about? I’m going to keep trying to get reservations, but nothing for the entire date range comes up, so I kinda wanted to know what we might be in for!



I think it may be kind of like Rainforest Cafe. We always just walk up and they take our name and give a wait time.


i would think 2 hours at the very most. we went there a REALLY busy night and that was the wait time. you can wander and leave a member to wait and just take turns. i really don’t think the wait would be that long though.


Thanks. I keep trying with no luck, so I think we’re just going to try to get there a little early to go ahead and get our name on the list. I think it being Friday night may be our biggest problem.


I see you are getting close and I just wanted to say HAVE FUN!!


Your best bet would be to walk up at 4pm…not very many people are looking to eat dinner that early. I have walked up to Planet Hollywood at that time with no issues…one single hour later and it’s a different ball game entirely.


I just booked for noon on June 2, my 6 year-old DS will go nuts when he sees this place.


I’d like to say thanks for the info as well. We’ll be at Disney soon and we want to take our boys to T-Rex. My wife and I did The RF Cafe in Vegas at MGM (without the kids) and it was nice, but our two year old loves dinosours.


I agree with Dana, if you’re gonna go without reservations, don’t wait until 6. We went around 4:30 or so in Sept. and we waited about 20 minutes. By the time we finished the wait was was an hour and a half.


Would go early if it was up to me…but we’re meeting friends and they have to work that day. We’re not meeting until 7.