:laugh: Hi there buzzers!..:laugh:

As you can see from my newly aquired Disney Countdown, that’s It’s not long before I’m Off to DLRP, and have just returned from a hectic day of holiday shopping.
I came accross a store which can print whatever you like onto any T-Shirt you want, so i was going to invest in 6 T-Shirts to wear around DLRP with the Mousebuzz Logo on and also the words ‘Mousebuzz.com’, then i thought that there may be some copyright laws that i may be breaking, so any advice on me having these shirts done will be greatly appreciated.

Are there any official Mousebuzz T-Shirts i can buy from this site?:confused:


Send a PM to Mickey. He’ll be best able to advise you. :happy:


Yup, that’s the best idea! :smile: Just send Mickey a PM and he’ll be able to give you the info you need!


Let us know what Mickey says as I know there are a few people here who might like to have a t-shirt like that.


:laugh: Thanks to all:laugh: , have PM’d Mickey and am awaiting a response:whistling , will let you know the outcome!!!


Still had no response to my query, and i’m planning on going shoppping this weekend to get some shirts. Any help please advise!