Table 'tidy's'


You know those tidy caddies that they use in Chef Mickeys to put ketchup bottles and serviettes etc in? Well my question is…does anyone know if these are sold anywhere ? I would love one in my kitchen!


The chef mickey’s one or just any one? The chef mickey’s one exactly is going to be hard to get, but if there’s any where to find it, it’s ebay. Any one in general would be easier. Try any home departments at any store and you should be able to get lucky…


I don’t mind not having the exact one that is in Chef Mickeys ( although it would be nice! ) but have you got any stores in mind that I could try Dana? I hvae tried lots of stores online that are based in the UK but none seem to stock much else to tea towels over here! Thanks Dana xx


I bet they have them in DDD kitchen wear store.


I would try Ebay


Talk about hard requests. This is probably as hard to fulfill as my desire to acquire one of those Disney Food Service logo baseball caps like they wear at CP (for example). They’re actually considered costumes and are totally unavailable to the public. I’d think that the table caddy is going to be the same level of difficulty.

If you mean Mickey’s Pantry in DTD, they don’t. They also don’t in World of Disney. I regularly look at the housewares departments, which is really a strange thing for a man to do.


Unless one just happens to ‘fall’ into an open bag under the table I dont think there will be an easy way to get hold of one lol!


All I can say is::ph34r:


Why not call Chef Mickey’s and ask if you can buy one? The worst that can happen is they say no. Better yet, ask in person when you’re there, you never know what will happen. I found the perfect pillow a few years ago at OKW - my hubby went down to the front desk and asked if he could buy it and they gave it to us. :smile:


I agree - what’s the worst that can happen?


Good idea, I think I will just ask when I am next there. They can only say no can’t they? ( and then If they say no I will be so gutted that I can get away with having even more dessert! :laugh: )


It is the year of a million dreams so ya never know… :closedeye


Yeah! Exactly…

Magical things do happen down there!

Sometimes mousesurplus has theme park artifacts, like glasses and stuff used in the restaurants at the park. So check out their ebay store and see if they have the thing you want. It’s a 1 in a zillion shot, but you might find other things you like there!