Tables in Wonderland Question #2


OK, I have a completely messed up TIW question. It also borders on a bit less than completely honest but I trust you all not to judge me greatly! :laugh:

It says that you can order a 2nd TIW card for your spouse or partner for $50. A buddy of mine thinks he can be my “partner” and get a card for $50 when we get our next card for $100 (annual pass). Has any other lunatic on MB tried this? I keep telling my buddy that if we do not have the same address, this will not work.

I know, I know - judge me not. :whistling


I don’t think you can do that.
I am pretty certain that you must both have the same mailing address. Otherwise, you’re not partners, are you.

Edit: I found this on the TiW page under “general policies”:
Both members must live at the same address and be 21 years of age or older.


I thought so. If not, every guy in the world would be at Guest Services holding hands to get the discount. :laugh:

It is still a great card and worth every penny.