Tables in Wonderland Question


Has anyone used this? We will be in WDW for 15 nights in August & the dining plan is very costly (we are DVC members & there are no great deals for the dining plan). A CM in EPCOT recommended TIW, so we’re just wondering if it’s worth the $75 we would spend on it to save 20%. We’re definitely considering it but would like any feedback.

Thanks in advance!


We’ve used it several times. It all depends how many TS meals you plan. Once you spend 375 in TS, you start to save money. That’s about 3-4 meals for a family of 4. So if you plan a TS almost every day, it sounds like you’ll save money.


We are considering this as well. We figure that it will pay for itself in no time!!!


Just remember you still have to add the tip at the table service restaurants. Usually the tip is 18% of the bill.

We have it and think its well worth it.


We’ve had it for a couple of years now, and for us, it is more than worth it. One great perk of it is if you stay at a resort where there is no sit down restaurant, such as POFQ, you can get 20% off the bill at the food court and there is no 18% gratuity added. Very happy with the TIW. Do bear in mind we stay for two weeks for our main trip, and usually sneak a second jaunt back within the calendar year…and we get a discounted rate as we are AP holders…so it gets lots of usage.


We’ve used it for several trips and it’s worth for us because we usually eat one table service meal a day during our trip.


We’ve used TIW the last three years. We eat at least one meal per day at a TS restaurant, and I like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage (or 2) with my dinner. Alcoholic beverages are included in the 20% discount; and 18% gratuity is automatically added to the check. We absolutely save money using the TIW card.
Remember…TIW is only available to Florida Residents ($100) or Annual Passholders ($75)


It’s worth it.
Of course you have to remember that they will automatically add an 18% tip.
So it’s almost a wash. But you get discounts on food AND alcoholic beverages.
You also get free valet parking at the hotel you’re eating at.
Then again, even if you didn’t have a 20% discount, you’re going to be responsible for a tip any way you look at it.

And yes, you do get the 20% discount (and no tip!!!) at the four value resort food courts and at the POFQ food court because those hotels do not have a sit down restaurant. There are a few restaurants that don’t take the TIW card, but now you can also use the TIW card at Fulton’s and Portobello in DTD and most of the restaurants at Swolphin (including Todd English’s bluezoo and Shula’s).


Definately worth it. We use it all the time. It covers the whole bill at TS locations and our cocktails w/ the meal and elsewhere during the trip.
Add to that the free valet parking at the resorts when you are eating there and the savings add up quickly.
We eat well when we visit. Like others have said, after you spend $375.00 you will begin to reap the benifits of the card. And Pam and I can run the bill up that high after our 2nd day of a 8-9 day trip.


We love TIW! We bought in March and saved $200 for that trip for 3 adults (so really we saved $125, once you subtract the $75 cost) Then we used it on our big family trip last month. We saved about $450 over 7 days (there were 15 of us, we were allowed to use it for up to 10). We love it because it covers food and alcohol. You can also use it in some of the lounges if you just stop in to get a drink. We did this at the Crewe’s Cup lounge at the Yacht Club and at the Sanaa lounge.

It will be difficult to go back on a trip where we don’t have our APs and our TIW card!


we did TIW this last year,which included 3 trips for a total of 37 nights ,we average one TS every other night,we used it a citricos 3 times, we usually average about 240.00 at citricos for 3 poeple ,so just thsoe 3 trips saved us about 140.00 dollars,so is it woth it yes,but the big question is howmant times are you going to use it someone else posted that you can use it at some food courts and that is true also and when you use it there there is no automatic gratuity…bottom line how long you are staying and how often will you use it…


Last I checked, it was also good at the CS at AK.

The tip should be added, but you should always check. Once or twice, we noticed it wasn’t added but we had gotten the discount. We just added it ourselves.


I generally get one. Even with the DVC DDP you still spend money on drinks & stuff that’s not on the DP, and it doesn’t take too many meals to break even or better. plus it gets you valet parking when dining at different resorts.


I’m so glad that this question was posted. It was very timely for us. We had just discussed this option and were almost positive that we’d do this. With all this additional input we are definitely going to do this! Thanks everyone!!!

P.S. I didn’t realize that alcoholic beverages were included! Bonus!!!:happy:


I think you might be wrong about TIW being accepted at The Mara, but I’m too lazy to check right now.


I meant at the park (AK), not at the resort (AKL).


We’ve had it for years. Love it. It’s usable too at the Dolphin and Swan sit down restaurants like Kimono’s, Il Mulino’s, etc. Not at their Cabana Bar.
18% tip is almost always added. If not, it is a mistake…seriously.
Some places will tell you, and some won’t.
It’s on the menu.
You can get free valet parking too when you are using the card at a resort restaurant.
Just tell the valet you are using the TIW card and bring your card and the receipt to the valet stand. They check dates, so don’t bring an OLD receipt… Can’t park Wednesday for a dinner you had on Monday <g>.


I know why I made that assumption, but I don’t know why I made that assumption.

I found this on

DISNEY’S ANIMAL KINGDOM Theme Park: Tusker House Restaurant, Pizzafari, Flame Tree Barbecue, Restaurantosaurus

Additions to TIW! - The DVC Boards at - the place to talk DVC and Walt Disney World


Drinks are resturants highest profit producer. Of course they will give you a discount. The more you drink, the more you’ll eat too.

When we set up a concession stand at a soccer complex about 15 years ago, Pepsi fountain drinks cost us about a dime a 15 oz serving that sold for $1.

I always make sure that I tell the CM upfront that I will be using DDP for food and paying with TIW card for drinks and anything else not covered so they can split the bill instead of suprising them later on. I have had some not understand and charged the entire bill to the room so I make sure that they understand that I am using BOTH.


Thank you all for your input! We’ll be going back in August for 15 nights, so we’ve decided to go with TIW. I’m sure it will be worth the $75 (we are AP holders), but thanks for reassuring us!

Peppertink, I’m glad you found this thread useful as well!!