Tables in Wonderland


Can someone clear something up for me? I asked a CM on the phone the other day while we were booking our next trip about this as a dining option instead of buying the regular dining plan. She said the discount would apply to all restaurants including fast food places. I can’t seem to find that info. Is she wrong? We are new DVC members and it feels like there are a whole bunch of new rules/possibilities to dig through.


Here’s a link with the explanation of all benefits.

Tables in Wonderland (formerly Disney Dining Experience)


Thanks Dana!


TiW is a great option if you are not on a DDP. We use it every trip. The card pays for itself after the first $375.00 spent. And the few additional benifits like parking at other resorts when you go for dinner is really nice.


And unless you are in a place that is ONLY a bar (like Cava de Tequila), the TIW card includes the 20 percent discount on liquor – beer, alcohol, wine – as well.

You will be amazed at how fast it pays for itself – and it has total flexibility as far as when, where and how you eat and drink! It is an important part of our vacations.


I just wish we could use it at counter service places.


You are welcome!


I believe you can use it a counter service places in resorts without a TS restaurant. We were able to use it at the Port Orleans French Quarter food court last year and I believe you can use it in the value resorts food courts as well.


Also, Flame Tree BBQ at AK accepts it.


Yes I just noticed on the link that Dana posted that there are a couple of places at AK but I guess I was just hoping that Pecos Bill’s would take it. Still, we are going to have to look closely at it since I think it may be better for us than the meal plan this trip. I have to do the math to see.


Keep checking back for updates, because the list of restaurants where it is accepted keeps growing!


Good to know. Thanks I will wait to decide what we do for our next trip, which is a while away anyway.