Tacky question


we got a pin to stay at akl which is how we are going… we are paying for the dining plan… since it is free when we go can we get it or because we got a discounted hotel rate we are not eligible? dh asked me and i told him i didn’t think so and it seems tacky to call and ask… so I figured my MB friends may know and not judge LOL


I am sure someone here will have the answer but it is never tacky to try and save as much money as possible. Looks like you are coming in the week after us. Hope you have a great time! I have always wanted to try AKL, maybe next time.


I’m pretty sure you can’t combine offers, but I’d go with whichever one saves the most money. :happy:


We’ve been told we could get either the discount on the room or discount on dining, but not both. Since the room was 40% off it was the better deal.


well the room is cheaper then using the dining plan.


It all depends on how many your are paying for on the trip. If it is just 2 of oyu the room discount might be cheaper. 4 or more, then the DDP might be a better deal. Time to break out a spread sheet. We’ve all been there trying to figure the best deal. Have fun.


There ya go then. If you have to choose, go with the room. But i’d still call and ask, never hurts. Besides, you never know when Disney is going to change their policy and allow something the may not have before. :happy:


Price it out both ways. See which offer is cheaper and go with that. You cna’t combine offers ever. Not a tacky question at all…saving money isn’t tacky to me.


thanks Dana YOu all are so sweet… anyway for akl the room discount defiantly trumps the free dining. if we went with one of the moderates then the dining plan wins out. but dh feels this is our once in a lifetime chance to stay at akl. which he is probably right.at full price we will NEVER be able to afford to stay there.


Definately do the AKL and just pay for the DDP. If you are not planning on doing many tables, it may be wiser to just get the counter plan. Something to consider.


I agree!! I’ve done the math multiple times, and the DDP is just not worth the cash - convenient yes, saves money - not for us!? (not since DD11 became an “adult”) We are more eat on the go types too, with an occasional sit down for a special occasion. OF COURSE, you can’t beat free - but I think the discounts on the resort is a way better deal. WE LOVE AKL!! :wub:


Don’t forget to actually price out your meals as well. (The menus and prices are at allears.net).
If you know your ADRs already, guess what you will order or pick the highest price items. You can guess a counter service about $10 p/p. Add all your meals together and you may find it is cheaper paying out of pocket than getting the dining plan anyway.
I know I would pay at least $781 if I pay out of pocket this trip. And buying DDP would be about $1000 so I would be better off with OOP meals if it was not already free.
Plus, ticket prices went up since I booked which lessens the impact of the discount on the room for us if we canceled and re-booked a room only and bought tickets separate…
Just a few things you may want to consider! :slight_smile:


Good choice! I know lots of people just regard the resort as a place to eat and shower and that’s great! but if the resort is an important part of your trip - then go for it! (and trying to save money is never tacky!:happy:)


You are not being tacky by asking a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another. Save anywhere you can these days!!!

AKL is a nice resort, although we have never stayed there, but ate at Boma and walked all around.

You could also go to the Disney website and figure out the price of the DDP to price it out per person if you do not want to call and ask.


Oh yes call and ask- I would and I dont think its tacky at all. I know we were given the choice of a heavily discounted room or the dining plan. Due to our length of stay it worked out a better deal for us to take the dining plan- but no, it never hurts to ask.


I too understand that you are in an either/or situation.
It isn’t tacky to want or ask if you can combine the two offers, especially with money continuing to be tight for us mere mortals in this economy.
You almost certainly will not be able to combine the offers. So it’s time to do some math (as always) and decide which would be the better (cheaper) way forward.
But ask Disney Travel anyway, one never knows.