Take a cruise...or not


Looks like this one got beat up pretty bad.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Hammered by Hurricane Sandy - CNN iReport


I’ll trade those waves compared to the ones we hit in the north atlantic one time. I was on an aircraft carrier and we were beat to heck and back. Hit even worse were the escort ships (cruiser, destroyers, frigates) who really took it on the chin. It happens.


The worst I was ever in was 15 foot seas in the Chesapeake Bay on a 200 ft aluminum patrol gun boat back when I ran the type desk for the class. Talk about noise - when the bow would slam into the trough.

The funny thing is that I’m sure boarding was delayed slightly, but the new guests probably won’t notice a thing.


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and I responded before realizing :pinch:

We really wanted to go on the Fantasy next time! We just won’t sail during hurricane season.


I was on a Carnival cruise in the month of January back in '94 when we went through some really rough weather, 40-50 foot waves we were told, and it was difficult to walk through the ship and they had to cancel the shows because the dancers/singers were not able to move without stumbling or falling down. It is the only time I have even come close to being seasick in my life. The family at our dinner table told us it was just like going through a earthquake the way the ship was rocking back and forth.


[QUOTE=fanofdisney;1124434]and I responded before realizing :pinch:

We really wanted to go on the Fantasy next time! We just won’t sail during hurricane season.[/QUOTE]

Well the only problem is that hurricane season covers half the year!



I know, we are pretty limited to summer. For people wondering if they should cruise or not, I guess it depends on how you feel about the hustle and bustle of the parks and the relaxation of the cruise. It’s a different way of having fun. You can find everything you are most interested in before the ship even departs. You will get into a routine real fast. If you think all you do in sleep and shower at your resort in disney, it is even more true in your stateroom on the cruise. You will not be exhausted at the end of the day either.

I really wouldn’t let this one incident prevent me from ever cruising again. I may let it limit me to June though.


We’ve done 6 cruises (4 DCL) in the past 5 years and loved every one. My DW thought she’d be bored but after a 3 night to Nassau she was hooked. I told her it was the most relaxing vacation I’d been on.

I lucky in the motion doesn’t bother me at all. When the seas start getting in the 15 ft range it bothers her a little bit but I sleep like a baby.

I still have friends who insist they’d be bored. But the funny thing is that their idea of a great time is visiting their OBX cottage and reading.

We’ve done 4 cruises in peak hurricane season and only had one close call and that one actually turned out to be the smoothest cruise - a week after a storm.