Take a tour of Walt's apartment


I ran across this web site today:
It’s interesting, but I would prefer more things to look at.


Superb! I do agree and wish you could see a lot more…I was itching to go down one of those corridors!!! :pinch: what a teaser!
A great find though. Thanks for sharing :happy:


It is a teaser! I’ve seen something like that before. I can’t remember if it was from the OC Register or another site.

Thanks for sharing, it’s always fun to see!


That was fun, thanks for posting it!


Thanks for sharing! :smile:


Thanks for posting the link PhilliesFan! :cool:


That was really cool… Thanks a lot for posting that! I really enjoyed it.


Thanks,cool. It’s kind of…red.


Thanks for the information. I enjoyed looking at the apartment, just wish they would have gone through all the rooms. Oh well. :tongue: