Take a virtual skyway ride in the MK (1997)


Here we are… TEN YEARS LATER & SOOO many changes!!!

OK, this video is reminiscent to me for several reasons. This video was taken in '96, I was 17 years old, and just graduated HS in which I made my first “solo” trip without my family to WDW. I went with Michele my best friend.

Anyway, not only is this a complete video of a trip on the old skyway but LOOK at the castle. Don’t we all love and remember that pink castle cake monstosity?:glare: You can also see that the lagoon is still full of water and you can see the tracks from the old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Anyway, interesting, and unbelievable the difference a decade can make?!

YouTube - Skyway Part 1 (Magic Kingdom)


Aw! I only saw the skyway once, as a 12 year old in 1980. It was great.

BTW, I wonder if the “ParkHopper” posting these videos is the same PH who posts here?


That is so cool! I wonder why they took it out…?

Does anyone know what year they took that out?


Yes, please fill me in as my first visit was only 2 years ago. Where did it load and unload based on where things are now? Is there any bits of the structures left?

The sub lagoon looked so pretty. That is really sad to be gone. I have never known anything but walls there. I can’t tell what it was right next too. Teacups? I can’t imagine that being all open.


It loaded next to IASW in that German looking building at the edge of Fantasyland (You know, that beautiful building that leaves you wondering “What the heck is that building used for?”)

The lagoon was located in what is now Pooh’s Lame Playground or Pooh’s Half-Hearted Attempt at Imagineering or whatever they call the thing. It was across from the Pooh Ride (former location of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride).


It was initially shut down after a worker, who was on one of the loading platforms, was hit by a car. If I recall correctly he hung from the car while it went out over the park and then fell to his death. I think I heard that by the time OSHA was done with their report the modifications would have cost a small fortune. I guess it was decided it was too expense to upgrade to meet OSHA’s safety requirements.

What I cannot remember is which year it was shut down. It may have been right after this video was shot as my youngest only remembers riding it once.


Wow, that sounds terrible! :frown:


I’m not challenging your account, but I had always heard it was a teenage guest who fell out of the car. I don’t know this to be true, just rumor. I was just wondering how certain you are?


I knew Snopes would not let us down. Here is what they say about DL and WDW. Usually Snopes is right.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Disney (Skyway to Heaven)


cool link. Thanks for sharing it. I don’t even remember it being operational when I was there in the summer or 97…I must have completely blocked it. I do remember it being there in 91.


I remember riding in the skyway, both at Walt DisneyWorld and at Disneyland.

They also had “Skyway” rides at the San Diego Zoo and at SeaWorld.

Of all these parks, I believe only Seaworld’s is operational…


I remember being on that in 1997 when the fireworks were going. It was so cool to see them from up there.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

When you get near the castle portion of your ride, it is important to look to the left… LEFT, I tell you! Avert your eyes from the cupcake!!! :eek:


I honestly don’t remember exactly when it closed, but I am going to say '99 b/c I vaguely remember during the Millenium celebration thinking “wow, why did it close?” I remember this trip very clearly b/c it was my first annual pass trip and I remember seeing the EPCOT wand/hand installation over Spaceship Earth for the first time. Yeah, I am going to say '99.

We never rode it a whole lot anyway, I never liked how you could see some of the less aesthetically attractive areas “backstage” and the unattractive roof of the Fantasyland attractions. It was fun though, I do remember ocassionally seeing the jerk teenagers trying to spit from them or throw things down from them :glare:


Thanks for posting that Wish! I rode it once that I remember of in the early 90’s and I thought it was pretty interesting although my fear of heights was going off for me :frowning:


Thanks for the link, Wish. I loved riding the Skyway when I was a kid.

jk8, very interesting link.Thanks.


What a cool video…thanks Wish!


Great video. Brings back fantastic memories of the Skyway ride. Thanks for posting.


it was a fun ride. along the lines of the wedway people mover. thanks for the video link, it sure brings back memories…


I was pretty certain of the general conditions around the worker getting killed at WDW, the company I worked for at the time wrote a lot of WDW’s insurance policies and it was a big deal when it happened, I didn’t know about the guy in Disneyland.