Take the Monorail defenitly!


I LOVE the Monorail… Its like awesome-ness and sweetness put together!:heart: Its MY favorite way to get around!:laugh:But theres other ways to get around two. "But I still prefer The monorail better!" Anyways, I love that feeling of you feel like your soarin! I just love that feeling! And when your going to the contemporary "WITH THE MONORAIL" It feels like your gonna crash..... But you dont! Isnt that weird? Well heres where you can go with the monorail:MK,E,GF,P,C, and there you have it! all the places you can go with the “MON-O-RAIL” And when you dont have anywhere to sit, you can always stand up!(wich is my favorite part!)


I like the monorail too- in fact I have the ‘Please stand clear of the doors’ as my message tone for my cell phone (English and Spanish too)- isn’t that neat?


That’s so cool! Where did you get it? Did you make it yourself?


I love riding the monorail sure beats the buses! I have two monorail shirts to date. More to come as they age.


Ha ha, neat ringtone!:mickey:


I think it might have been Erin way back told me of a web site, or maybe Wishie? I’ll ask them and get back to you.


Oh my god Dixie! I have the monorail ringtone too for messages! hahaha. It goes “Please stand clear of the door. Por favor mantenganse se alejado de las puertas!” haha. I love itttt<3 :wub:

The monorail is my favorite thing in the world too! If I had my way, I would use a monorail as my sole form of transporation, everywhere! Thats probably why I love the TTA so much to! It’s basically an open-air monorail!!! Better for PEOPLE WATCHING! :whistling:angel::laugh:


You can get the tone for free on myxer.com just type in disney monorail!


Yay Stacey- trust you and I to have the same ring tone:wub:
and yes Victoria, that’s the site myxer.com- thanks Stacey:smile:


We love the monorail and always make sure we ride in the front car at least once every trip. So sad so hear they are no longer doing that!!!


Aw, I remember when I took my niece in the front car for the first time! It was awesome :happy:

And Dixie, yay! Thats because it’s the best rington ever! :laugh:


Have you seen the new monorail shirts they have on property with this? :heart:

Every time we go to MK, I have to argue with my kids about whether we take the ferry or the monorail. I usually win and we take the monorail. On the days I relent, it just doesn’t feel the same.


Jen, haha yes! And it’s so funny because everytime we are in Disney and I pass one I’m always like… I NEEEEED THAT! But I never stop to buy it because either the stand is outside the parks gate/resort and we’re excited to get where we’re going or they don’t have my size!! lol. You can buy them online, but they are more expensive! Guess I’ll wait until the next trip! :]


I may have just been engrossed in what I was doing, but I took the monorail from Contemporary to MK and the whole ride I did not hear the monorail annoucement. Yes, in English but not the foreign language. The T-Shirts are awesome. Something to purchase for next trip.


The monorail is so much fun and we have a tradition in our family when we go to WDW. Each year my DH takes a picture of my DS and I while on the monorail. We take pictures when we 're arriving at MK the first day and when we’re leaving the MK during our last day there. We have pictures from each year we have gone. I love to look back at those pictures because my DS is so happy in the pictures when we arrive! In the pictures of us leaving MK my DS looks both exhausted and sad…:laugh:

We love the monorail!


LOL. I do, too! It’s my brother’s ring. Mainly because he says it over and over again when we’re down there.

I love the monorail. Always worth a ride.


MINE TOO! People always laugh when they hear it!




Mine sounded ( quite loudly) in the post office which at the time was full of seniors collecting their state pensions. It certainly caused some confusion to say the least, and course I just tried to look puzzled too:redface::redface::redface:


Yes, there are plenty of different ways to get around WDW --I like the launches, like the ones at the Epcot resorts, and the one at the Wilderness Lodge. Having said that, because I DO love the monorail, I am staying at the Contemporary on my next trip in the Fall. :slight_smile: