Take your kids out of school?


Would you take your elementary school kids out of school in order to go to Disney at a time that is less crowded?


I said yes. But it all depends on the kids. If they are smart and can catch up easily, have few absences, etc, then it’s fine. But if they are struggling, need extra help, have a number of missed days - forget it.


I have taken my kids out of school for 5+ days the past 4 trips.

But, only under the condition of them doing extra work and doing extra well in scholl before we leave.


At the elementry age, there isn’t too much damage that can be done by missing a week. Most teachers will give you a list of the assignments that will be missed. I say GO FOR IT!!! :biggrin:


My parents would take us out of school for family vacations for more than 5 days at a time when we were in elementary school. But we always did well and never missed school for anything else. So if your kids are like that, then I don’t see any problem with it. It’s those middle school and high school years when things get messy with doing that.


I took DD out of kindergarten for 4 days this past October. I was so nervous to tell her teacher. The teacher was very nice about it, but I felt SOOOO guilty. I’m not sure as she gets older that I would do it again - but I may change my mind after seeing the crowd levels on our next trip in June when school gets out!! :wub:


I would take the kids out in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t even think twice about it.


We don’t pull our son out of school for Disney trips, we go during school breaks and fight the crowds and heat. However, we are both teachers and can’t take time off during the school year. My dream is to go during the cooler off season.

As a teacher I don’t mind when my students go on vacation during the school year. I like to be told about a week before they leave so I have time to get their work together. As long as the parents and student understand that the grades may be a little lower than usual due to the material missed that can only come from being in class. I’m excited when my students get to go on vacation, they learn things that can’t be taught in the classroom.


Yes, we would and we have! DS is only in kindergarten and DD is in preschool/speech school. When they are older we will have to see how things are then, this upcoming May they will miss eight days.


I have taken mine out for the last few years with no regrets. They make good grades, if they didn’t I might have to think about it.



They will never remember the details of their curriculum that week at school… but they will remember every tiny detail of a magical week with their family at WDW! They will be adults someday, treasuring the memory of sharing a turkey leg with dad, seeing mom dance with Mickey, all the rides they went on as a group!!! It is a lifetime gift!!!


I’ve taken my kids out for all 3 Disney trips. Unfortunately, our next trip will be during the summer, as they boys are now in Middle School, and I feel with the amount of responsibilites and homework they have, it would be best not to take them out. Elementary was no problem at all, but keep in mind, 90% of the teachers have no problem with that. It’s that 10% that could make you frustrated, being extremely harsh on the kids (at least in my experience). But to sum it up, I know my kids best, and know what they are capable of handling, as far as “catch up” and such.


Yep, I’d do it!


I would take my daughter out for a 5 day trip without any problem. Make sure you give the teacher plenty of notice. I teach high school biology and had students leave on vacation. Some do alright, and some suffer. Elementary school is much easier to catch up on the work. Learning outside the classroom can be just as important as in the classroom. It is very easy to make WDW into an educational trip. So easy, I have taken school groups there in May for the past four years!


Very nicely said. I agree 100%…except I don’t like the turkey legs. Can I share a churro instead? :laugh:


For a long list of complicated reasons, we simply won’t do it.


I voted yes, as I done it several times in the past.

But I’m now at the stage that I would not take eldest DD out of school as she is coming up for exams.


On our last trip I pulled the kids out for 4 days. It was only supposed to be 3 but because MLK day was made a snow makeup day , they missed that day too. DD6 in first grade, did great. She made up all her assignments. DD15 had no work at all to do because it was the last few days of the semester and she was taking her finals when she returned. DD10, in fifth grade, had the hardest time. She completed all the work her teachers gave her to do, but because they use a computerized math system she wasn’t able to do that part on the trip. She fell significantly behind and is now struggling to catch up with lots of extra assignments and some tears. Also, she missed some library research time for a research paper that was assigned for her to do. I wish I hadn’t done it. We usually go in the summer. If your kids are good students and it is only for a few days then I say okay but anymore than that I say wait until a school break or take a day before a break and a couple days after so you can have a long trip and they don’t miss too many days. I do think that family time is important but let me share another story with you. I teach first grade. One little girl in my class is failing in reading and math. She has a chance to get an intensive one on one tutoring program which could really accelerate her reading progress but she won’t be able to take advantage of it. Why? Because her family is going on a 2 week carribean cruise and she will miss 2 full weeks of the program. Incidently, our school policy is that only 5 days may be missed per year for vacation. Will she experience great things on that trip-yes! Will she pass first grade this year? I doubt it. So in a case like that, I think taking off for vacations during the school year is a big don’t.


I take my daughter out of school for every trip I go on. I usually leave on a Wednesday and come home on a Wednesday. I have found the perfect week for us so that she misses the least amount of school. If I leave the Wednesday before Halloween and come home the Wednesday after, she only misses three days. It’s pefect. No way would I go on school breaks. I would rather take her out for a few days.


That’s a great way to do it. Like Dana, a great alternative to taking them out for an extended time, is to arrange the trip on short school weeks. Like when they have MLK day, or a 1/2 day for planning. Those are usually at the beginning or end of the week, so there’s no harm in leaving for those.