Takin' control of EPCOT one last time before the Great Blackout Of `06!


Matt swears it’s the last time until September! (we’re blacked out from June 10 - August 19)

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


Good thing I arrive on the 18th and don’t leave until the 26th of August :wink: :smile: I will host your “welcome back” party. hehe.


The good news Erin, is that the past couple of years they have lifted the blackout period 1-2 weeks early!! Hopefully they will do the same this year!


Hey Erin:
We are Florida Resident Seasonal Pass Holders as well and I am pretty sure that the Blackout is through 8/17. Our passes are good through 8/21 so we are planning a trip from 8/18 to 8/21 to use them up. Of course the past 2 years Disney has shortened the blackout period so who knows, you might be there in early August.


Well! There ya go! It IS the 17th, and if they lift those dates -well, I’ll make sure Matt is the first to know!


Anyway, last week we’d been talking about going on Monday - but, Matt has Dr. appointments just about every day this week. So, Monday was no good. (Much to Mr. Dewey’s dissappointment! - we were still trying to get together for a DC picture!)

We discussed the black out dates (as well as the increasing heat and crowds) and decided that THIS week would be our last week until our week in September (or maybe a few day trips in August - we’ll see!)

Matt will also be released to go back to work on the 30th (maybe?)

So, anyway, we narrowed it down, and decided to go and stay at the Pop last night, and do EPCOT’s EMH, and hit the MK today (early) because, Matt had ANOTHER Dr. appointment at 3:30.

We spent ALL day in Gainesville with Matt’s lawyer, so we got a SUPER late start. That’s ok, though - we were on our way to WDW! (again and again and again and again)



We arrived REALLY late at the POP (around 7) check into room number 6344 (3rd floor! we wanted the BOTTOM floor!) But, that’s ok! We liked our room just fine, and we had EPCOT to get to!

Here’s our view right outside our door. Very Florida woods.


We hurry to the bus, and because Mickey (and Figment) love us, it pulls up right when we get there. We snag great seats, and we’re off to EPCOT (aka “eh-ought” if your name is Miss Caisley and you are 2) Figment is “eh-man” if you’re wondering. It sounds like she’s saying “Amen”.

It’s kinda amusing.

Anyway, in no time we’re there - at Eh-Ought. Here’s da ball!

Actually, that’s the first thing we did - SE. Sissy has never ridden, and we walked right on.

Well WE walked…Caisley RAN…and Mikie chased…you know.


good news - Matt is buying me a Kodak P850. (Is this good? It sounds good?) Anyway, the scoop is - if I break it, I am stuck with this sucky camera forever.

So, if anyone knows of a place I can get a really secure neck strap…


So, aftah SE, IlluniNations has begun, but we’re not really at a good viewing spot, and we need to get our EMH band thingies, so we track those down.

That was a very simple process:

Step 1. You see a guy who knows a guy who has wrist bands. You give him your secret identity card (and one for everyone in your party) and

Step 2. (yes, 2) He lets you in to see the guy with the wristbands. This guy may or may not put them on for you. It really depends on if he likes you. He liked me.

So, then, you’re officially IN. You may now wave your arm in the air at any given moment as proof. That behavior is not only acceptable, it’s ENCOURAGED! :happy:


After the wristband incident (Caisley had to have one, too. She took it off.) we decided to go to:


We hit it just right, and Matt, Sissy, and Mikie walked right on in the Single Rider line. (10 minute wait - I guess cuz of IllumiNations).

While Caisley and I waited, we played at the Kidcot Station!

Here she is. She’s multi-tasking. This is her not only coloring, but avoiding the camera, as well!

She’s so talented!


Here she is. Coloring like an angel. Approximately 2.47 seconds later, I had to make her stop coloring on the table. :dry:

But, she had a great time with that little thingie! It’s really cool! It’s got a pretty nice little card thing on it, and a strap that goes around her neck. The girl that was running it was really sweet.


So, before I knew it, it was my turn to ride with the kiddoodles. We had a rider switch, so we literally walked RIGHT up to the door. No fastpass lines. That was pretty cool!

We’re EXCITED! We wonder which tests we’ll get picked for…will it be a hill climb??? Hair pin turns??? You don’t think the ‘surprise test’ will be a crash test do you!!! :eek:


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we DID get the Hill Climb as one of our tests!!

Can you believe it?!??!!

:laugh: :happy:


After the Hill Climb and various hair pin turns, we spend some time looking at all the vehicles they have on display.

:cool: Erin likey the Vibe. :cool: I mean, I LOVE the hummer, but for, you know - real life - I’d like the Vibe.

We check out the List Of All Rides Open, and decide to go see The Land. We haven’t set foot in that pavillion yet, so we consider it of utmost importance to boogy right on over.

So, that’s what we did.

That enterance is pretty cool!! It kinda reminded me of “it’s a small world” - I guess because it’s so colorful. It’s really pretty!


The kids are buggin’ OUT that this point -

“are we gonna ride Soarin’?” “are we gonna ride Soarin’?” “are we gonna ride Soarin’?”
“are we gonna ride Soarin’?” “are we gonna ride Soarin’?” “are we gonna ride Soarin’?” “are we gonna ride Soarin’?” “are we gonna ride Soarin’?”

Well, Sure! If we can! The standby line is at 40 minutes. Well worth the wait.

We go get our baby swap pass, and Matt starts looking for something to eat. So, we head over to Sunshine Seasons. He’s always been iffy about riding (motion sickness), and I try talking him into it. I help him get all our food, so we can get him set up with Miss Caisley, and we can head over to the standby line.

Well…that doesn’t really go that well.

  1. At some point, Caisley steals an “Oh, Henry” (WHY is this candy bar named OH, HENRY???)

  2. Caisley must have a brownie for dinner. That’s ALL.

  3. Mikie can’t decide. Please help him. He won’t decide. OMG. He looks at the sandwiches. He looks at icecream. He looks at a salad. He looks at the bakery items. He looks at the sandwiches again. What’s on that one? Is that one good? He decides to have icecream. :mad: Fine, get it. I gotta get in line.

  4. Sissy can’t decide which drink. Coke? Juice? Powerade? Flavored Water?
    She goes to get a fountain drink. Only small cups around. Darn. OK, Powerade is good. Wait a sec, I never drink these. OK, I’m going with water. WAIT! FLAVORED WATER! That sounds good! OK! Great. Let’s GO.

Why are all these choices at their EYE LEVEL???*

Ok. We finally solve ALL those problems (I never did pick ANYTHING for myself! It was absolutely HECTIC - I’m breaking a sweat.)

We get Matt seated with Monster Caisley. (ooops, I meant MISS Caisley). We discover the “Oh, Henry” bar. (OH, Henry?? Really?? That’s ALL you could come up with?? No Chocolately YumYums or something clever like that???)

She’s bitten it through the wrapper, so we go and stand in line ALL OVER AGAIN (OMG!!) to PAY for said “Oh, Henry bar”. OK. Great. The standby line is now 90 minutes. Fabaliscious.

So this is what we do. Matt was iffy about riding, he just wants to eat, and Caisley is being a weenie about the brownie and the stolen goodies.

So, we take the baby swap pass and walk on.

Are we evil??? Or a victim of circumstance??? You decide. I’m going to ride Soarin’.

Well, to make a very long story EVEN LONGER - we do it. We use our baby swap without swapping (NOT our intentions) and walk, no, we RUN - RIGHT to the gate thingie!!!

OMG!!! We’re gonna ride SOARIN!!! :happy: :heart: :happy:



The ride queue is really neat - it’s got this whole airport vibe goin’ on. Walking into the ride is kinda neat. The screen is right infront of you - but it looks flat, which is very confusing to me.

The ride seats are nothing extremely exciting…but none of that MATTERS.

As soon as you take off - it’s just…incredible.

Words probably can’t describe it. I can’t wait to ride it again, and again, and again, and again.

Unbelievable. Breathtaking! I actually lifted my feet a few times because I thought they were gonna hit trees!!!

Here’s Mikie right after we exited!


After Soarin’ we decide it’s time for Figment. We love some Figment!!

The Imagination Pavillion looks CLOSED. It turns out, it’s just not busy - and we’re the ONLY ones on the ride!!

Our new hero…


Everything is cooler in Figment’s house…



I have the TUNE in my head, but I can only remember the words “Spark” and “Imagination” and you know that song (it’s a Christian song that goes “It only takes one spark to get a fire going”) - well, it keeps mixing in with it in my head. :wacko:

So, we leave Figment and his wacky insane house behind, and go play in the kodak thing. We’re the ONLY ones in there, too - so that’s alot of fun.

Here is Matt’s goofy picture. Mine didn’t arrive, yet :sad:

um, he’s been managing his pain with medication…but, I SWEAR, it’s all been prescribed by a REAL Dr… I really have no other explination…