Taking a poll - POR or CBR


As you know, I am trying to convince DH and DS to stay at POR. DH wanted to know how the CBR’ers felt about POR or anyone/everyone for that matter. We know CBR like the back or our hands and he is afraid it may take some time to figure things out if we stay at POR and loose precious time.

Let me hear your votes.



I’d say go with what you know.
It’s always nice to stay somewhere new, but if he’s worried about getting lost, i’d go with what makes him most comfortable.


Ok people, this isn’t helping…50/50…not good:)


We stayed at CBR 3 times and really liked it but it’s really big and spread out. I would now pick POR, it just looks so beautiful.


Like them both but POR is our favorite moderate. :cool:


I would personally try something new. Even though you know CBR like the back of your hand sometimes the most fun comes from exploring a new place. I know you don’t want to “waste precious time” finding your barrings in a new resort, and a big one for that matter, but just like CBR POR is set up easy to navigate and cleary marked with signs, etc. I don’t think you would have a problem at all!


I have been asking a similar question myself. We have been and decided again to go to POR in August. We just love the atmosphere of the resort so much. I live in Florida so the whole tropical theme is not a big pull for me but that might pull some others to CBR.


I think you should try something new! I really doubt that you guys will waste a lot of time figuring out the resort and it will be fun to explore!


I went with POR. . I like having the boat access to DTD.


Try POR!!! It looks beautiful!

However, if it matters to Hubby that much, let him have his way. A happy hubby goes a long way! :tongue:


I have stayed at both Port Orleans and CBR. Personally, I like POR hands down. CBR seemed so spread out. The busses took longer and the food court just lacked in atmosphere. The rooms are a lot alike. All come with the same ammenities. I like the pool more at POR also but everyone likes different things for different reasons :wub:


We stayed at the CBR years ago and we won’t go back. Yes the grounds are beautiful and the rooms were nice, but the place is too big for me. I never stayed at the POR, but it looks a lot nicer then the CBR.


Like I always say I haven’t been to CBR, but after looking at the map and pics its just doesnt do it for me. It seems too big and the rooms/theming don’t seem that great. Having said that I will stay there at sometime, just to see if it will change my mind.
The southern theme at POR is great for a Southern boy like me and like Dana said that boat to DTD is Sweet! Its nice riding down the old sassagoula and looking at the menus for the restaurants at Dtd. The pool at Ol Man Island is very good too, plus everything is very close together! I had no trouble walking from the foodcourt at POR refilling my mug, then going to the pool, then back to my room at POFQ! If you don’t feel like walking between the two resorts the dtd ferries stopped at both.
All this talk about POR is making me want to choose it over CSR… Nope mind set, I am staying at CSR!!! Beignets, Pralines, Muffalettas, carriage rides, boat to DtD, Piano Bars all at a moderate that has rooms as beautiful as a deluxe…grrr POR and its pros…


I haven’t stayed at either, but I have seen POR. And IT IS GORGEOUS!!! And people can’t say enough great things about that resort! Some like it better than the Deluxes (LaurenGold, you here???)