Taking a trip when the kidsa are not in school?


We have always traveled to WDW at the slower times taking my daughter out of school and have ususally found a week where they had perhaps at least 1 day off school. We have traveled in September, October, January etc. My daughter will be entering high school next year and I am wondering if it will be to hard to take her out of school. If you were contemplating a trip when the kids are not in school when would you think the best time to go would be? Just FYI our family are early risers and we are always at the parks when they open and usually head back to the room for the pool or relaxation. We have annual passes and go every year so we are not concerned with being in the parks all day.


We stopped taking the kids out of school when they hit high school. Just way too hard on them to catch up. That being said, we’ve gone at the end of August, right before school starts. Very hot and humid, but the crowds tend to be a little less compared to the height of the summer travel. We too are early risers, would then go back to the resort at lunchtime to eat and swim, and then go back out at night when its a tiny bit cooler.


If we were considering Spring Break which for us in 2012 would be the last week of march (2 weeks before Easter) or Thanksgiving which do people think would be better? We also ned to consider airline prices as we fly!


I would suggest going when the kids are in school. They might find it weird (and maybe scary) the first few nights coming home to an empty house but you wouldn’t believe how quickly they learn to get ready and pack their lunches when you aren’t around. Plus you will have a great time at the parks!

If you time things right you could go a few times while the kids are in school!


We have took the children out of high school for a couple of days. We prepared for it by speaking with all the teachers and getting them ahead of the work. And then, they had to catch up anything they missed. All 5 graduated HS and since, 2 graduated college.


I agree. Meet with the teachers ahead of time and you will find that most have no problem gathering the work and let the student work ahead. Do they have a fall break? How about furlough days?


We loved going during Spring Break. The weather was just perfect. We try not to take DD out of school for a full week so we’ve done a few summer trips too. We are taking her out for 3 days in Dec this year though (she’s just in 5th grade). I would vote for Spring Break!


my opinion as always is do what is right for your kids and yourself education is one thing in the development of their lives,albeit important,but there are so many other things that teach them about life


We took the kids out of school occasionally. All 3 had the work in hand a week before they left and had to have it turned in before we left. Even made arangements if they did not complete the work to stay with friends. Just in case. I think this part helped to motivate them that we were serious.
All 3 went to college on full rides. But every kid is different. We would also plan/allow book time every day on our trip. 1-2 hours was all that was needed. DW and I would hit the pool for a swim and a drink and the kids would join us if they were finished. They usually spent it in the books or taking a nap.