Taking Children Out Of School


What is everyones take on having the kids miss school to go to The World?
When do you find time for homework?:confused:


My boys have just entered 7th grade and I don’t know if at this point it is a good idea to take them out of school for any vacation.

I guess what I want to say is this: it depends on your children’s ages. Before now, it was never a problem for me to take mine out for a trip in November. There isn’t all that much going on in elementary school anyway and homework is a cinch at that point.

We did homework after the vacation. You can take as many days to turn in homework as you have been absent from school. I don’t know if this is standart procedure in every school, it is here. So, not being in school for 8 days would give them 8 days to deliver their stuff after they went back to school


I think it depends a lot on the child. Our youngest DD has always done well in school and we asked the teachers for assignments that she could complete while we were gone. Then we used the travel time and added any needed time in the room or by the pool to get the work done. Her teachers never had a problem and several gave her assignments that revolved around her trip. Of course now that she is in high school there are to be no missed days for WDW, sigh…


I don’t know the age of your kids. DS is in kindergarten, and we told his teacher one the first day of school that he would be gone for two weeks in January.


I wish this was an option for us, I would love to take a trip when the crowds are low.

As a teacher I have no issue with it as long as the work is made up and everyone understands that there are things going on in the room that can’t be made up and that may cause a lower than normal grade forthat term. I think family time is important and I’m always excited when my students get to go on vacation.


That’s awesome, Steph. I’ve read some teachers really get upset over kids being taken out of class for vacation.

In my case, my only option for family vacation is in January or February.


I work with a couple of teachers who get upset about kids going on vacation but I never have. I understand that not every parent has a job that allows travel during the summer. I don’t think missing a week or two of school is going change where a child ends up in life and you never know what tomorrow will bring, life is too short sometimes.


Thank you for being an understanding teacher.
We have the same “problem” that Cavey deals with. We can only travel between November and February. There’s just no other time for us.


now that the Dave is a teacher my fear is we’ll ONLY get to go during Christmas and Summer…but oh well…

Ok…that has nothing to do with the thread.


I think it depends on lots of things. The ages of the children, the amount of time to be missed, and how the children are doing in school. You know your children best. We have done it, and we were able to get the homework done during breaks from the park, and we usually try to come back on a Friday or Saturday, so that gives us the weekend at home to finish up school work.


Im taking my kids out of school in Dec… I dont really think the teachers are going to have a big prob with that since there really isnt anything going on in Dec… (i think :biggring)

So…it all depends on the family and how well your kids do in school…

BTW: Where is that letter of absense that someone had posted to turn in to the teachers?? :confused: Anyone know?


There was a thread like this a while ago and I will repeat what I did then.

From personal experience Myself and DB (Disney Brother) had no problem with being pulled out of school. Just make sure the work is made up and they UNDERSTAND what they have missed.

BTW…we were pulled out an adverage of once a year starting in grade K and here are the results. DB has a genius IQ and I graduated at age 16. I don’t think it had any adverse affects. Just support your kids regardless of age!


I know there’s alot of feeling on either side of this debate.

I choose to take the kiddos out of school. It was really the only time they missed all year. Fortunatly, we have a very leanient school district when it comes to this and they allow 5 days for family vacations as long as we can show some sort of educational value.

When we took the kids last, they lucked out that 2 of the days there were going to miss wound up to be snow days.


When I was growing up, our folks took my brother and me to Disney several times. They always planned vacation for the week of spring break and either the week before or the week after (we camped at FW and travel a long ways to get there so Dad always said he wanted 12 days of relaxing in between the 23 hour drive pulling a travel trailer:frown: ). Most of the the time the teachers were fine with it.
When we took my DS’s for the first trip (ages 6 and 9), my DH said he wanted to go when the crowds were lighter so we let the teachers know at the begining of the year that we were pulling them out of school the first 2 weeks of Oct. (I am still a camper at FW). We did that twice and the boys did fine. We did home work on the “quiet days” and on the drive and made up the rest when they got back. Now they are older (12 & 15) and taking them out for 2 weeks isn’t really possible so this time we went in April for spring break and the week after. The boys did fine, even my oldest who is in HS. The teachers were not too bad about it.
I know that was a long winded answer…but it’s never too hard to get the homework done (a little here/there and when you get home) and the family time at WDW is well worth it.


I’ve always made it a point to ask the teachers beforehand how they feel about it, and so far we’ve had no problems. We try to minimize the time they miss by going over a long weekend. We do homework on the plane rides and try to schedule coming home on a Saturday so we at least have Sunday to recooperate and finish up any homework that is left.

Having said that, my kids are still in elem. school, so I don’t know how many more times we’ll be able to take them out.

I say if your kids are doing well in school and the teachers are ok with it take them out and enjoy a less crowded WDW!!!


when i was younger - my parents took us out of school every year to go. we never had any issues.


I am a teacher and I feel the same way. I give my students work before they leave and let the parents know there might be other work they have to make up when they get back.
I have been on maternity leave for a year and now I am taking my own DD out of school for 7 days. I let her teacher know ahead of time and let her know I would help DD with make up work before and after our trip. Her teacher said… have a great trip and take a lot of pictures! We are so lucky to have a great 1st grade teacher!


As a high school teacher, I completely understand the need for vacations, but also worry about the students missing the work. If a student can get the work done, then I do not have a problem. I try to give them copies of notes that they will miss and anything else that my be done during their absence.

There are ALOT of teachers who can not stand for students to miss so just make sure you have good communication with the teacher. It is possible to give assignments related to WDW. I have done that for some of my biology students. AK and Epcot are great educational places!!

I wish I could go more often during the off times as well, maybe someday.


Personally, if I was able to leave school and go on vacation, I would!! Unfortunately, I must brave the crazy crowds during Easter and Christmas, and summer heat in July.

As a high school science teacher, I can tell you that students who miss a week of school will never really recover what they missed that week. (Physics and chemistry are hard to learn from a few worksheets given as make-up work). Does it matter in the long run? Realistically, no.

I agree with Stephanie- go and enjoy your family time as long as parents and students accept that grades that semester will likely be lower than normal. This could affect class rank, however, for students who are vying for acceptance to competitive schools and need every last hundredth of a point on their grade point average. Don’t laugh- you might be surprised how close these GPAs are!


DS is in kindergarten. I’m such a lax mommy. Not only did we miss the first week of school because he was on vacation… the vacation I scheduled without even thinking about when school might start… and he’ll be out for a week in December.

Still… it’s kindergarten. Easy assignments.