Taking just one kid


I have taken DD on a few girls only trips, three before her brother was born, one when he was 1 1/2 so he really did not know where we went.
Anyhow my kids are 5 years apart, so the attractions they want to go on are quite different. It would be tough to take them by myself. I take my hat off to people who have done it! DH is not a huge Disney fan. He will go every other year or so.
So I was thinking of taking DS right before his third birthday ( FEB/MARCH) for a long weekend. DD is a huge Star Wars fan and I am thinking of taking her for Star Wars weekend. How did you break it to the other sibling that they were not going, but staying home:mad:
How did they take it?
I really enjoyed the girls only trip with DD, it was nice to spend time with just her. I would like to do the same with DS.
I will be watching for DING Fares sometimes they are 59-69 each way. Or Airtran often has 59 or 69 dollar fares each way. When I take just DD we stay a a value resort. So I am hoping to make them both Disney on a budget trips!
So any advice on how to break it to DD that she is not going with DS?
The other option is to go in the Summer and try to get Grandma to come with. But we do not like the heat!
I am a teacher and in grad school so the times of year we can go are limited.
I would rather go for a long weekend in march when I have a day off then go in July or August…too hot for us!


My grandparents used to take each child, one at a time, on a special vacation. I would think that would be the best way to broach the topic: tell the kids that each one of them is going to get a special “only child” trip.


I have never taken just one of my sons to WDW, but I can tell you that I make special dates, even now that they are 13 to spend the day just with them.
They are so used to that, it is just another day for the one that’s left behind.
If you promise little brother that he’ll have his own time at WDW, he’ll understand sooner or later. Maybe you should take the little guy first and then DD?


I am waiting to see some of the responses as well. I have a DD 10 and DS8 and would like to do 2 seperate trips. Not sure my wife would want to stay home both times but …:laugh: :laugh:


DH is just the opposite… he is happy to stay home!


Wow how nice… I would have loved to have spent just one on one time with my GP. But my Dad being the youngest of 8 and my mom the youngest of 5…way to many grandchildren!:laugh: They would have been on vacation all year long:laugh:


I think if you remember to do something a little special with the kid that was home you’d be fine. My parents used to do a one day special trip to WDW separately with my sister and myself. My mom usually took my sister and my dad me. I think we each recognized it as special time and didn’t mind it at all (especially since each of us got a special dinner/lunch in the castle). We are 3 years apart and I think we did it when we were right around your kids ages.


Thanks that is a good idea… I will take DD someplace special I week or two before I take DS. She is a manicure/pedicure type of gal so maybe I will take her!