Taking Wine aboard @ Port Canaveral


Looking forward to our first cruise (Disney Magic) in April. Have heard and read that we could bring wine/beer aboard with us @ Port Canaveral. Friends of ours cruised Disney Magic in February and brought a few bottles of champagne aboard…however, they noticed a sign at the customs in Port Canaveral that said “no alcohol”. They put their carry on with the bottles onto the conveyor anyways…they went though and they proceeded to carry the bag on board…no questions. Has anyone else done this?? I know my sister has several times purchased beer and wine in Key West and had no issues bringing it aboard…Just a little concerned about the Port Canaveral boarding now that I hear there is a SIGN???
Anyone have any experience with this???


This should help.

Alcohol Policies by Cruise Line


I think the sign just means no drinking at the port. You can still carry it on.


My sister didn’t have a problem bring it on board.