Talk to me about 'end of June' crowds please


Has anyone ever gone to WDW between June 24th-July 2nd? This year that happens to be a Wednesday through the following Thursday; ‘4th of July’ is on a Saturday.

How crazy busy is it? Would there still be the ‘4th of July’ BIG CROWDS even if someone departed on the 2nd?

I know it will be like 100 degrees in the shade, I expect that, but I am trying to figure out JUST how crazy crowded it would be?


Summertime is always crazy busy - the 4th just more so. Hopefully (for you) ppl will just plan a weekend trip. But it seems more likely that ppl would have a weeklong vacation ending on Sunday the 5th. Hope for the best but expect big crowds.

As for the weather - yeah 100 in the shade but the big thing is the humidity. Gosh you start sweating when you get out of the shower!


We were at WDW for the 4th of July once. The days leading up to it, as I remember, were pretty normal crowds.


Actually our last June wasn’t so bad!! Aug/Sept/Oct were WAY worst with the humidity . . . it was weird! I’ve been around 4th of July, and I agree . . . the week leading up to it wasn’t so bad . . . but the day OF and the week after . . . never, never again!! :nonono2:


I know this sounds TERRIBLE but gosh I kinda wish I could go to Disneyland instead. :sad: I’ve gotten so used to going to Disneyland every June for the past 3 years… I REALLY do miss it terribly :pinch: BUT, I promised myself not to go back until all those FANTASTIC updates are done in DCA & the GC.

I don’t know, I’m vaclemp’d.


I have to agree. We went June 20 - 27 year before last and it was actually a very good trip. August was awful. I would definitely pick June over August. :happy:


Yeah, we went to WDW in August 3 years in a row & Daniel finally couldn’t take it anymore. :laugh: He was like ‘NEVER AGAIN!’


I’ve been there “end of June” just once. I would call it “survivable.” If you must go then, it can work. But I’ve become a winter-spring WDW traveller now, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back in summer again.


I wish I could be more flexible, that’s the ONE downside about being a teacher. Trust me, we used to travel during the very slow times but it’s just not possible anymore.

I don’t know, I am a little nervous to hear it being described as “survivable.” :pinch: If there are two things my husband cannot tolerate; it’s heat & crowds. I can get away with exposing him to one of those factors if the other is decent. :pinch:



I told you my two cents on June but I’ll say it again. I went in early June of '05 and thought it was nice. This year we went in mid June and it was pretty heavy. I didn’t LOVE the crowds and we didn’t get to ride the big rides over and over and over again but we utilized the FP as much as possible and did the best we could. It was HOTTTT though. I used the heck out of my $19 dollar water-mister fan.


We went once at the end of june and once at the beginning of Aug. Both were packed weeks and the humidity is awful. You will need to drink loads of water and figure on atleast 2 to 3 hours during the day in the pool. Summer is a bad time to go.


We were there… uh, don’t remember arrival date, but until July 5. The weather actually wasn’t that bad. It rained everyday around 2pm to 4pm… just a light drizzle, but enough to close the pool at the GF. The crowds really weren’t much of a problem. Sure, it was more crowded than in February, but I didn’t notice much crowd problem until July 4 around 7:00pm (they had to shut the gates to MK). We were able to get everything we wanted done (of course, we took advantage of AM EMH… we did every Fantasyland attraction and almost every Tomorrowland attraction before the park was opened to regular guests… then we went to Frontierland and Adventureland when everyone else was headed towards the right [I’m sure you remember the Keys to the Kingdom tip :laugh:]). The crowds didn’t bother me at all… not nearly as bad as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Breaks.


I’ve been in June and July and fine both months fine. Yes it can be hot and humid, but you are in Florida so you know the buildings have serious AC on. I enjoy this time of year because the parks are open late. You can go early, go back to the hotel mid day and hang out by the pool or resort hop, and then go back to the parks at night. The MK crowds are always the heaviest, but I felt that the rest of the parks were quite manageable.


unless things change quickly …it will be crowded but maybe quieter than usual…you have to factor the economy and jobs…I am optomistic…but I am by nature that way


what is busier… june or september?


I recently moved from teaching to industry, and to homeschooling. Therefore, I have nearly total flexibility for our family’s travel plans. I do miss working with the kids though.

I now live vicariously through my son who is teaching at the school I left. Also, his best friend – who is also his cousin and a former student of mine – is actually teaching the classes I used to teach!


I’m a teacher too, so summer is really the only time I can travel. I visited this past July (my first trip to WDW :wub:) for 3 days, and let me tell you, it was stinkin hot! I was expecting huge crowds and little elbow room the way it gets here at Disneyland, but I thought the parks were really empty (though maybe it just seems that way because Disneyland is smaller). Either way, having spent so little time there I decided to go back almost the same time next year :blush: We’ll just use our FPs and drink plenty of water!