Talk to me about Olivia's at Old Key West


I’ve never eaten there & to be honest I don’t think we even took a peek inside of the Cafe when we stayed at OKW for 3 nights last August. How’s the food? Atmosphere? Service? Is it worth the trip over from DtD if you weren’t staying at OKW?

Comments & of course pictures are always welcome! :happy:


Didn’t someone just post that their father-in-law would crawl a mile over broken glass for the pancakes at Olivia’s???

(OK, I can’t remember whose TR had it, and I can’t remember EXACTLY what the father-in-law was willing to do, but I know they said he really loves the food… LOL)


We stayed at OKW last June. We enjoyed Olivia’s. It is a nice cafe. Our service was good. We loved our food. It is NOT fancy. It reminds me of a beach cafe. Come in with sand and all kinda place. I loved all the DVC owner pictures hanging on the wall. Since you are DVC owners Wish… you should bring one of you and Daniel. They are in all kinds of frames, really cool looking.


Wow, those must be some pancakes! :laugh: I could do with some pancakes right now! :blush:


Use Bisquik instead of Aunt Jemima.
If you do, add about an extra quarter cup of Bisquik, a tablespoon of vanilla or almond extract, and two tablespoons of light brown sugar to the basic recipe.
Beat the life out of it.
You’ll find your pancakes are lighter, yet fuller than AJ or many restaurants.


PS: we’d probably plan on eating here for dinner! :tongue:


we ate there in November of 2007. The food was great, but the server was faboulous. I need to ask DW if she remembers his name. He was so good with the kids, no baby talk, treated as if they were adults, except for the numorous “tricks” he showed them It was such a great experience, I left him close to a 40% tip.


We are trying it when we stay there in June so I’ll let yah know! I asked a few people on here about it and I heard pretty great things. Plus the menu looks fantabulous!


The menu DOES sound really good Bella! I took this from AllEars:


Crab Cakes with tossed greens and Key Lime mustard sauce $10.49

Onion Rings with Dips $4.99

Soup of the Day - $5.49

Conch Chowder - $5.99

Ancho Bourbon Chicken Wings with bleu cheese dressing $7.99

Caesar Salad $5.49

Mozzarella and Tomato Stack - with mixed greens and balsamic syrup $7.99

Mixed Green Salad - with citrus vinaigrette $5.49


Pork Chop - glazed with Myer’s Dark Rum and served with sweet mashed potatoes $21.99

Grilled 10 oz. NY Strip - with Olivia’s potatoes and a cabernet mushroom sauce $22.99

Caribbean Barbecue Grouper - pan-seared with mango glaze, chimichurri, mashed sweet potatoes $21.99

Key West Sirloin Steak Salad with mixed greens, vine-ripened tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, cucumbers, with a citrus vinaigrette $15.49; with salmon $14.99

Penne Pasta with Shrimp - with Asiago Cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach, olive oil and garlic $18.99; with grilled Chicken $17.99; as a vegetarian entree $16.49

Key Lime-Mojo Roasted Chicken Breast - with cilantro pesto, asparagus, jasmine rice $17.99

Slow-Roasted 10 oz. Prime Rib with Olivia’s potatoes $21.99

Crab-crusted Mahi Mahi - with lime-scented coconut broth, asparagus and jasmine rice $19.99


French Fries $2.79

Olivia’s Potatoes $3.49
Seasonal Vegetables $2.79


Key Lime Tart with Mango and Raspberry Sauce $5.49

Individual Apple Pie served warm with vanilla bean ice cream $5.49

NY Style Cheesecake with seasonal berries $5.49

Chocolate Cake with raspberry and vanilla sauces $5.99

Mixed Berries $4.99


We love Olivia’s. (I was told by a CM that that is where they go if they’re eating on Disney property - it’s one of the best-kept secrets).

The food is pure comfort food, served in a relaxed “Key Westy” atmosphere - I think our picture is on the wall somewhere, but I’ve yet to find it.

They usually have a good daily special. The pasta with shrimp is good, the pork chops are good and the chicken breast is DELICIOUS! Excellent garlic mashed potatoes.:wub:


I had a nice brekfast there alone (that was wonderful) and dinner there with DBF while the kids were at Disney Quest. Both meals were very good. IT is kinda a dinerish atmosphere…great service and excellent food. I enjoyed both meals.


The dinner menu indeed looks good, and I’d even suspect the chicken breast to be pretty close to actual Key West recipes. I know their Key Lime pie was authentic and assume the tarts to be as well.
Olivia’s is on my list of eventually we’ll eat theres. The one day we did stay at OKW, we had other dining plans so we never got to Olivia’s.


I liked it. I especially enjoyed eating on the outside, covered patio. It was very laid back, and had a great view of the marina.


HHHmmmm… forgot to mention the onion rings… and… special sauces… so good. We did those as a late snack one night… too … good!!


I tried these this morning. Not bad. I’d cut the vanilla in half. Very tasty.


It’s just like eating at a beach side cafe. The food is homey with a few “regional” favorites. Having lived in S. Florida and been to the Keys quite often, I can honestly say that it fits right in with the motif of OKW.


I ate there during my stay, it was alright but nothing special I’d say. If you’re there already then it’s great but I wouldn’t travel from DtD for it.