Talking Mickey!


This is just wonderful. I was sceptical when first reading but seeing it (in the video) is amazing!

Mickey Mouse: ‘Testing … One, Two, Three … Testing.’

Some lucky Disneyland park guests experienced a very special meet and greet with Mickey Mouse this week.

Mickey, who usually saves his voice for shows and parades, talked with guests and interacted with them in never-before-seen ways! This was part of a process we call “playtesting” as it gives us a chance to develop new concepts with our guests long before they end up in the Parks. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to let guests interact with our beloved characters,” says Disney Imagineer and head of Advanced Development Scott Trowbridge. “And we have many more surprises up our sleeves.”

Since many guests did not have an opportunity to experience this, here’s a short video that shows some of the fun.

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This is magic and this kind of groundbreaking stuff is why I love Disney!


That was too cool.


I love it!! Hope this concept makes it to the parks soon!


Just saw this on youtube tonight from a guest that got to experience the prototype… here are the links…

YouTube - Mickey’s House and the Talking Mouse

YouTube - Talking Mickey at Disneyland

What a truly magical idea!


To cool I hope there are more to come


I wanna go i wanna go>>>


So cool makes me want to be there now


Amazing…that’s why Disney is Disney!!!


I had heard about this! It’s too cool. Thanks for sharing! :happy: