"Tangled" Rapunzel Fleece Throw Blanket for $5.99


I don’t know if anyone saw this but just in case, here is the link for a “Tangled” Rapunzel Fleece Throw Blanket from the Disney Store for only $5.99.

Personalized Tangled Rapunzel Fleece Throw Blanket | Throws | ProductDetailPage | Disney Store

Shipping is free with code: TOWER

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I’m not sure how long this will last but it’s an inexpensive gift you can use for a b-day, pack in the luggage to give to someone instead of blowing a lot of cash in the gift shop, etc…

FYI, I saw this on slickdeals.com

It’s a great website that I check on everyday. In other words, it’s extra savings on the “things” that I usually use which means more $$ can go into the “Disney” piggy bank! :happy:


Thanks for the info.


we ordered it yesterday as well as some new Disney attire:pirate: