Here is a first look at Tangled. YouTube - Tangled Trailer Official HD


Oh my goodness, that looks so cute! My kids and I enjoyed the trailer. Thanks for posting!


My kids really liked the trailer. It really seems they are going at this story a little differently. Thanks for sharing.


I looks like it’s goign to be a good one. Can’t wait!!!


I’m very excited about this movie! It looks adorable and very funny! :laugh:


Looks great. I haven’t cared much for Disney’s past foray in computer animation but this looks really good visually.


A friend I went to college with was/is the “face animator” for this feature. It’s amazing the amount of work and details that go into these films. This one is REALLY life like, you almost forget you are watching “cartoons” they are so life like.

I have to admit I am partial to the animation of films like Princess and the Frog and past Disney features. Altho I CAN’T wait for TS3!! They added all the characters to TSM and hugs o lot is at HS and he’s so cute! :heart:


We saw the trailer last night and laughed… Looks pretty good!


This one looks great!!