Tarzan Rocks? Or used too..?


Yes, I know! Where the Mickey have I been, right? I am sure this was discussed before…

But, the last time my family visited Disney - two years ago - we really enjoyed “Tarzan Rocks.” I heard they closed the attraction and replaced it?


They replaced it with a Finding Nemo show. It is good, but we miss the Tarzan show.


Do you think my 12 year old son would like it?


Honestly i don’t know if he would. It is really long and i found it to be just so so… I wasn’t a fan of Tarzan Rocks either but i did enjoy it more that the Nemo musical. The only good thing is that the Nemo show is in air conditioning unlike Tarzan Rocks.


It depends on what your son is like… if he’s Mr. Macho who doesn’t like kiddy things, then no. If he’s open-minded and enjoys watching gigantic puppets, then yes. :laugh:

okay… I’ll stop dissing the puppets. and the show. but I didn’t like it. I’m 15.


If it is air conditioned, that might be something to consider if it gets too hot… But, I can imagine my son will be really bored.


That’s too funny! :laugh:

Yep, he is a little bit of a macho man… We should probably stay away from the show…


Yes… air-conditioning and a break from the sun are two positives.


WDW has a little video on the page for the show that includes the main song Big Blue World
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It is the same song used at the end of the new Nemo ride at Epcot. For cryin out loud why don’t they just gut Small World and replace it with Nemo Dolls and I heard that the HM will reopen with nothing but Nemo ghosts. And next up to be plused is Jungle Cruise and it will have a piranha scene in it like DLs but it won’t be piranhas no it will be attack of the Clown fish. Space Mt. is going down for rehab and when it reopens it won’t be SM no it will be Submarine Mt. and guests will zoom through the Big Blue World around Crush, Ray and Nemo! and another thing, I heard that if you dress like Nemo you can get into MNSSHP for free!
And over at the new Hollywood Studios they are going to fill the pool used for the special effects tank, you know the battle scene you watch on the walking tour, anyway they are going to fill that with clown fish too. Ariel will still be aloud to work over there but she now has to sing Big Blue World at the end of the show and Nemo will be making a cameo appearance in Sebastian’s Under The Sea Number! And over at Epcot everybody thinks the new SE is going to be redone to tie in more closely with its new sponsor Seimans. Wrong! this is yet another opportunity to cram Nemo down our throats as it will be the evolution of the clown fish as told by Marlin.
Where’s Nemo? where’s Nemo? where’s Nemo? I tell you where Nemo is PICK A PARK YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM HIM!

OMG I feel so much better now thanks:redface:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I totally agree. I am sick of Nemo.

And I hate “It’s a Big Blue World.” My brother sings that song all of the time to get under my skin. He and my little sister sat on both sides of me during the show, singing along. I was about to strangle both.


Wow, some strong opinions. Well, everyone is entitled to one, so here’s mine. This is my new favorite show. I recently bought the cd at Wod NYC so I can listen to Big Blue Worl over and over.

I think you should at least see it once. It is truly awesome. The actors are top notch and the puppets add something new.

Definitely check it out. I think your DS just might enjoy it.


It was different, not what I expected and something I do not need to see every trip.


Oy! We had some heated discussions over this show before. We’re all entitled to our opinions, just keep it nice please?

If you’re interested in seeing a preview, go to youtube and search for Finding Nemo the musical. There are several clips posted there.


I agree . . . my DD3 LOVES it and will sing the song all day! My DD7 likes it too, but she is a Broadway Baby, loves stage shows, musicals and artsy stuff!! It is different, but it is done really well . . . and you are in a dark blue, a/c filled room with “mood” lighting . . . so its a great place to relax unwind and enjoy the show! :wub:


I agree, simply opinions. The CM’s were great, the music was great, etc. again, it just was not what I expected. I LOVE The Lion King, never miss it and I cry everytime the show starts. There is just something so powerful about that show for ME. We also really enjoy The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. We will go see Nemo again, just not at the top of my list. On a short trip we may skip it but I will be at The Lion King! :laugh:


It was just a joke:redface: . All is still right with the world.
I was just exaggerating the Nemo experience that seems to have given Toy Story a run for the most “over exposed lets beat this for all its worth” award. It has surpassed pooh but with another TS ride opening soon Nemo will still be second, don’t worry. That is until “HM The Ride” is built.:laugh:

I go to Disney all the time. Three trips this year alone. I live for WDW. I have so many WDW magnets on my fridge they weigh more then the fridge. I have over 30 mugs some dating back from before you could fill them up for free. I have Dole Whip flowing through my veins! I can pee Beverly FCOL (and it probably tastes better).
My wedding vows included “Por favor, mantenganse allejado de las puertas”.
I remember when you used to be able to swim in the lakes at all the resorts, and have the pictures to prove it. I’ve been to river country. I have been on KTTK and BSM tours. I have been on the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour in DL. I can lip sync the HDMR. The whole show! I have a brick that sits right off the boat landing in front of the MK. Millions of people walk over me every year at WDW. I have pictures of SE without the wand. And I haven’t been to Epcot since June. I own almost every piece of park music ever released since 1993 including almost all of the WDW Forever CDs. I have a collection of Disney music that includes music from overseas. I have read several books including Since The World Began, Spinning Disney’s World, and Be Our Guest The Art Of Disney Service. Besides the Passporter I have all the volumes, of Birnbaum’s since 1993, all the Disney Trivia Books and signed copies of the following:
WDW Trivia vol 1 and 2
Hidden Mickey’s vol 1 and 3
3rd addition Disney Trivia Book
I have met Don “Ducky” Willaims who is reponsable for all the artwork in Tony’s on Main St. My den has curtins from PORS resort. (don’t worry I bought them from Mouse Surplus I didn’t steal them) I have 11 WDW related web sites in my favorits. (Well 12 if you count Mouse Buzz:laugh:)
I was on the first West Cost Cruise. Saw the Lion King at Radio City Music Hall weeks before it was released nation wide. Saw B&B on Broadway opening year 1994, Lion King, Tarzan saw those too.
In no way am I a Disney Basher. Please don’t flame me I can’t take the rejection:noo:


I miss Tarzan Rocks!! :crying:


Same here. Nemo just did not do it for us. It was not as close to the movie as say the little mermaid is. I can’t put my finger on it, but it just didn’t seem right.

They did a great job, and had I never seen the movie, I probably would think differently.


The Nemo show fills up quick so you have to get there early. We missed the 1st show an dhad to return to try again. We waited 1/2 hour to get in and it was packed and then became standing room only after we got seats.

It was definitely not what I expected to see. The puppets were beautiful. The music and script, etc were disappointing to me. We loved the Little Mermaid show too but Nemo is different. This is the first Disney show I ever walked out of. I surprised even my husband & kids (daughter 11 & son 16) - who claim they were being tortured in it - by asking them if they wanted to leave during the show. Luckily we were by the exit door.

I think if you are a younger child - maybe 7 and under - it is great. For the older kids & adults it just may be a matter of personal taste.
You may want to try it once and see if you like it.


you know what? I really miss Tarzan Rocks and adored that show from start to finish and did prefer it but I have to say that Nemo is not THAT BAD! It has had people griping, sniping and moaning about it since even before it had it’s debut but for the work that has gone into it, the puppets, the hard work the actors have, the size of the auditorium and so on…give it a break guys! It is just a show-It is not the end of the world.