Taste of Africa


Can’t wait for Food and Wine? Need that fix now?! Well, then for the next 16 days get over to DAK for a Taste of Africa!

Immediately after MJJ rolls back into Africa, the streets will come alive with all sorts of African food and music, a fantastic DJ, and that is followed by an African Street Party with dancing and all sorts of fun!

Go from booth to booth and get samples of delicious African dishes (YOU MUST TRY THE MANGO MILKSHAKE AT TAMU TAMU!). Dance the night away, and enjoy Africa at DAK!

But you gotta hurry, because after the 24th, it will cease! (Unless it proves to be a huge hit and in demand the next 2 weeks :wink: )


AAAAAuuuuggggghhhh don’t tease me, tall one. I’m stuck here in Small town, USA.


thanks for the info. We’ll be there next week and that’ll give us something to stick around for after the parade. So this will take place in the back, by the safari???


Thanks so much! I will also be there next week an this is wonderful to know!


I’m going to miss it by 5 days…bummer.


If you go- look for Sambuusa… YUMMMY! I work at a center with primarily African refugee families and occasionally parents will bring me lunch… it is some of the BEST food I have ever had. :slight_smile:


Mango milkshake sounds wonderful.


They do! Sadly we canceled our July trip and are now going in August - hopefully it will stick around! fingers crossed


The thought of eating African food in Africa heat doesn’t appeal to me.
We have many “Taste of” festivals here in South Florida, but usually they also have name entertainment as well. I can’t see that happening in AK though. There just isn’t room for a decent stage and audience that I can recall.


A Mango milkshake sounds so wonderful right now as I bake in the Northeastern heat-wave but unfortunately I will not make it before the African taste testing is over.


I don’t care for mango.
We ate at Emeril’s on Miami Beach the day before my birthday.
They sent me some mango sorbet. I guess it was good, but like I said, I don’t like mango.
Oh, and their cannoli wasn’t that great either. Instead of the traditional shell, they went with a phyllo dough wrapping. The chocolate chip filling was good though.


I really hope this sticks around! I would love to try it!!

Have you gotten to try it yourself, Rowdy?


[QUOTE=PrincessJill;1039705]I really hope this sticks around! I would love to try it!!

Have you gotten to try it yourself, Rowdy?[/QUOTE]

I have indeed, at the Cast Member preview. It was surprisingly very fun, and the food nothing short of fantastic. The street party was cute but quickly fails in comparison to say MiSiCi and Block Party, partly because there are no characters. Definitely worth a watch though.


Aww I wish I could experience it, but alas no. No trip this year to the world! Thanks for sharing.


Sounds great! I really would love to try all the food! :wub:

And can you believe that to this day I STILL have not been able to catch MiSiCi?? The closest I came was walking onto Main Street from Tomorrowland and hearing the music fading away as the parade did too. :crying:

However… in the next 5 months, I think I should be able to catch up on some things. :wink:


Disney Food Blog just posted a write up with PICTURES!!! Looks FABULOUS!! :heart:

Taste of Africa Street Party Photo Tour | the disney food blog


That is it! In different countries of Africa it is spelled (and probably made) different but try the Samosa. It is SO yummy!