Taxes on the dinning plan


I am wondering if the taxes on your meals while you are on the dinning plan is extra or in the per day charge. I was trying to budget our meals on the dinning plan and when go look at the per meal at each resturant it gives me the price without the tax and gratuity. So, I am trying to see if the dinning plan is better or just paying out of pocket for the meals we use(and the rest in the room) or possible tables in wonderland could be an option. also,do they charge a gratuity(on TIW) if you go to a CS meal(I know that seems like a stupid question) because I am really trying to see which is best for us in May. Also TIW is a yearly pass,right?


As for the tax on the dining plan, it is included in the per day fee. Tip on TS is extra. CS requires no tip.

TIW requires tip and tax which they add onto the bill. There are very few CS places where you can use the TIW card. I do not believe they would charge you tip for a CS meal.


So it looks like the dinning plan would suite me better.


Yes, the TIW is a yearly thing. It really depends on how many in your party, what kind of meals do you enjoy. For example buffets aren’t the best use on credits on the DDP. You’ll hear some people love the TIW card and some people love the dining plan, it’s all what you are looking for.


Does every place take the TIW card. If not, where can I find which ones do?


Here’s a link to allearsnet about it

Tables in Wonderland (formerly Disney Dining Experience)

Don’t let the cost throw you, if you have a family and go a few times in one yr, it really pays off.


I personally swear by the DDP. For us it works out great but for my Sept trip I’m a little confused which option I should take as its only me and my soon to be 8 year old. She wanted to go to a few TS so it may be worth it or I should still hope for the free dining


I think the DP will be the one I choose. It seems like the most easiest one for us.


It really depends which one is better for you. It varies for us from trip to trip, actually. It depends on my ADRs, mostly. I make ADRs as early as possible, and then I literally figure out how much our meals will be with our TiW card and compare. Lately, we have been using both the DDP and TiW.

Important FYI- you can also apply the TiW discount to things not included on the DDP! For example, any appetizers and adult beverages will receive the TiW discount, even if you are using DDP credits for your meal.


My take on DDP or TiW. DDP if you can plan long range and want some really nice meals at a great price that you might not do. TiW if you are like us and take each day as it comes like we do. We might not get the exact TS location we want, but we always can find a 5 star meal every day/night in any park. I would say that if we are going for one of our typical 5-7 night visits we ‘might’ have a planned ADR for 2 meals at the most. But that is what makes WDW so enjoyable now that the youngest is 20. Mom and Dad time alone in the world.


Is there certain restaurants that are on TIW? Is there a list of them somewhere?


Here is a link that has info about the card and the list of restaurants.

Tables in Wonderland (formerly Disney Dining Experience)

It’s from allears.