Taxi anyone?



Does anyone know how much a taxi fair from POFQ to the Grand Floridan would be (about) ? How much do you tip the driver?



With tip we paid $20 to get from SSR to the Contemporary a year ago. We normally just round up so he doesn’t have to give us change back.


Why not use Disney Transportation for free?


We paid $15, INCLUDING $3.00 tip, to get from Boardwalk to the Polynesian last year.

From POFQ to Grand Floridian you would probably be at $13-$15., without tip.


I believe they want a taxi after they dine at Victoria and Albert’s and they don’t want to have to worry about taking two buses when they are all dressed up:)


The taxi rates for Yellow Cab (the taxi service located outside all the Disney resorts and parks) is $2.00 plus $0.25 per 1/8 mile (or $2/mile). That should help in your estimates. :happy:


Chuck, If you want to go over the top, Have Quicksilver send a Town car. I think it was $65 round trip. A very classy end to a very classy evening.

Making me a pretty classy guy.


It is a bit of a hassle to use DT for getting around to resorts, i can see now why you would use a cab, especially if you have a time constrain.

Does anybody have a particular taxi company they use when in disney? I remember i had to take a van from DTD back to my hotel and they guy was trying to over charge me cause it was after the buses ran. I guess he thought he could get lucky with someone who has been out partying all night, at any rate i ended up getting it for less but it was a lot of work.

This time im going to write down the name of a good fair taxi company incase i need one for my next trip.