Taxi rates?


dose anyone know off hand how much it is to go from disney to say sea world??? My sister wants to take one to Dinner one night while we were there.


You might also want to price a car service and see what that would cost. We paid $20 with tip just to get from Saratoga Springs Resort to the Contemporary Resort a year ago.


A car service for a round trip is $75 from most disney resorts to SW. A cab will run you about the same. Go with the car service.


Just throwing this out there . . . 12 years ago when I stayed for my HM there was shuttle service from the Disney Resorts to SeaWorld and Universal . . . do they still do this . . . anyone know? Might be worth it to call and ask . . . FREE is always the way to go! :happy:


thanks for your help. It sounds like it will be cheaper to pay the 40.00 and rent a car for the day and then that way we can go to the walmart and such also.


Which resort had the bus to Universal and SeaWorld? I’ve never heard of Disney helping guests to another park.


The don’t do this at the WDW hotels. There used to be a shuttle WAYYY back in the day to take you off property, but you had to pay for it. I remember seeing it the year I stayed at ASmovies (2000).

As for the cheapest way, I would rent the car if that’s an option for you. Do it on a weekday.


It was POFQ . . . altho this was 1990 . . . and it might have been called Port Orleans. I went on a “DELTA DREAM VACATION!” :blush: Remember those?

And, I asked at check in . . . if Disney offered a service to the “other” parks . . . and they did and WE USED them?

But, WOW that was 17 years ago . . . so none of these parks were as BIG and as CROWDED as they are now . . . not that I remember anyway!! And now that Universal has hotels and such . . . they prob figure it’s not worth it to them. :confused: :redface:


Yes, now that you mention it I think it was a $3pp charge way back in the day!! :laugh:


You might even be able to get a cheaper rate then $40/day . . . I’d go that route!