Taxi Rides vs Rental Car


I would like to visit to “outside” Disney locations: the 192 Flea Market and Old Town. These are two favorite stops we’ve made on our last 2 trips to Disney. The difference is the family went on the last 2 trips and they had to have a rental car. Sandy and I aren’t really wanting to drive around but we’d like to hop a cab two these 2 spots if taxi rates aren’t ridiculous.

What does everyone think? And does anyone have a favorite Cab service they’d recommend? I’d like to get something set in stone (a place to call) now so we don’t have to look around when we get there. I don’t know how many people are familiar with either spot, but neither is all that far from Disney. (At least to me it doesn’t seem like all that far).


I always use the cab service at the park. When getting a cab call the front desk and get advice from them. Most of the time depending on the resort your staying at, the valet will get you one. Never get into a cab without asking a cast member first, geese I sound like my dad. Have fun!!!


I use cabs going from resort to resort for ADRs and have even jumped one back to my resort when my bus was taking longer than I care to wait. They are all over the place. I have yet to walk out of a resort without seeing multiple cabs waiting. If you are going to venture to two seperate places and two seperate days, I really suggest renting the car. The cost of the cab back and forth off property four times in two days will be WAY more than a rental. If you are completely sold on using the cab and don’t care about cost, take one from your resort and ask them for one of their cards. They will come back and get you or send you another cab if you call one.


Thanks… i’ve been thinking the same thing…


Try to plan you outings off property for weekend days…satuday and sunday are perfect. The parks are a bit more on the crowded side due to locals…especially the MK. You can hit WDW parks in the evening and do your outings in the day…better still, just plan one outing and use Quicksilver towncar. You can do the other place your next trip…we both know that there will be another trip. Save something for next time.:heart: