Taxi to adr's


[COLOR="#0000CD"]I have yet another question? :ohmy: Is it hard to get a early morning taxi ? We will be having early morning adr’s at the Grand Floridian Cafe (7 am) before the bus can get us there on time. Has anyone here did this. If so did you call the taxi yourself or have the hotel concierge help you with it.[/COLOR]


Usually it isn’t hard to get a taxi at any of the mods or deluxe hotels.
What hotel are you staying at?
You can call a taxi yourself or you can let the valet call for you. Not sure about hotels that only have a lobby concierge, but I think in those cases, you’d go to the bell services window.


We’ve taken more than one taxi in the early morning and have never had a problem. We usually call bell services and tell them what time we need the taxi and its waiting when we walk out. We give them 15 minutes notice and have never had a problem.


Thanks for the helpful answers. This will be our 1st stay at Port Orleans Riverside.


We stay at POFQ and there are always taxis coming and going frequently from there. I’m sure it’s the same at Riverside. You will enjoy Riverside! Take the boat to Downtown Disney!


You should be fine, but of course, check with CMs at the hotel to be sure.


when we needed a taxi at WL, i asked the front desk and they said they always have taxi’s on standby. sure enough, there were three lined up off to the side. easy-peasy. prolly the same where you will be.


Call Bells Services 30 minutes prior to needing the cab if you are at a value resort - all other places, you can get on in a matter of minutes. I would still be down there at least by 6:20am.


Thanks everyone for all your help. I am a little nervous about this trip. Maybe excited is a better word. We are doing some new things we have never did before. Thanks again for all your help.:goofybounce: