are there taxi’s in disney world to get from one place to another, if you are in a hurry?:confused:


Yes, you can call a cab, and they will run you from one Disney destination to another. However, unless you are in a huge hurry, I think you’ll find Disney Transportation to be sufficient (and free).

The Unofficial Guide has a section that gives travel times from Point A vs. Point B, and compares Disney transportation vs. a car (or cab). In most cases the differences are quite small.


Usually they are quick and direct. As long as no other events are going on that they have to go another route. Usually under $10 one way. But if you are on property I would recommend Disney transportation


I use the cabs quite often actually. I usually use them to and from other resorts ( I have no patience to wait 45minutes to get anywhere) and sometimes I will use them to get back to the resort if I don’t feel like waiting on the bus. Average cab cost is about $14…depends on how far you are going of course, but that’s ususally around what it costs me.



my son and I want to go to the local walmart, and the orlando outlet place…how much for a taxi and are they easy to get from POR and the contemporary???



I don’t know how mcuh that would be, it’s not as close as stuff on property. We paid almost $20 to get from SSR to the Contemporary in May.


In the days before we had a car from POR we just went to the desk outside where they called us a Yellow cab- I can’t honestly remember how much the fare was to Wal Mart and the malls and it was some time ago so it wouldnt probably be the same


My DH and I are thinking about using a cab to get us from MK to Riverside the day we get there. I know we’ll be dead tired (have to get up at 3 am) so thought we’d go the faster and easier way back to the resort. Are there cabs waiting or does someone call one for you? And where will they pick you up? Can’t believe it. We leave 4 weeks from today. We’ve already decided which sandwich we’re going to have at Earls.:tongue:


When we left AK and were heading to our car, we noticed some cabs lined up nearby. It looked to me like they were just waiting for people who needed them.


Depending upon when you leave the park, a cab might not save you that much time at all. If the bus line is very long, then a cab might be worth it.


We have used them in the past, just to travel from one resort to another to see friends. Its not that expensive. Never to the parks.