TDS Tower of Terror


Boy, Tokyo Disney Sea’s Tower of Terror sure is coming along! Its suppossed to be opening this fall…for anyone interested here are some upper pictures of the building. Enjoy!


I just had to post. Got this week’s Mickey Memo and this got listed as a thread with no reply. I have yet to ride the one at DCA, the crowds were terrible last June, if you’ll recall. Not sure when I’ll get to Tokyo, although, I’d love to see their take on the Portofino Bay Hotel.


I love the look of the ToT there! I bet the theming will be beautiful. TDS just looks so amazing. I will just die if I ever get to visit there!


Holy smokes… That ToT looks AWESOME! I didn’t even know they were building one there… That is so sweet!

I gotta say, Disney Sea looks absolutely AMAZING! It’s so beautiful…


I just watched on ride through video. It looked very cool, even though I had not the slightest idea what they were saying. It was all in Japanese.


WHOA! :eek:

That Tower of Terror looks AMAZING!


jaw drops

Um…wow. Their ToT puts both of ours to shame! That has to be the COOLEST looking building I have ever seen! :eek:

I’m in LOOOOOOOVE. :wub:


I really want to go there!!! I’m going to check out prices.