Tea anyone?


I am a lover of tea and anything British…

I saw that there is an Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian. The prices appear to be reasonable. How is the experience?

Is this a fancy event (you are ‘talking’ to a girl with champagne tastes on a Walmart budget…)

Do I need to wear my Sunday best - or should I say, that one multi-functional outfit I own! :wink:


A nice sun-dress would work.
I so would love to do a tea at the GF, sadly, my 3 men would just look at me googely-eyed :wacko:


It’s a lot of fun and yummy too. Traditional English Tea! Scones, tea sandwiches . . . lots of fun and relaxing!

We just went in the clothes we were wearing that day . . . some people were dressed up a little more then us.


My mom and I did this a few years back and just went in the clothes we were wearing (capri pants, plain tops) nothing too fancy. We had a great time. It was super relaxing break on a hot summer day and made us feel all fancy and girly!


I am debating on whether I want to do it, or not. Let me rephrase that – I DO want to attend the Afternoon Tea, convincing the rest of my family may be another story!