Tea at the GF


Not the princess tea party, but the just plain old Tea… Do you need to make an ADR? Thinking of ways to surprise the 12 yo daughter, and her grandmother… Not in the parks…

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!


Yes, you need to make an ADR. It is really nice to sit there, I take my husband, relaxing after a few hours of Magic Kingdom fun and before going back for more :biggrin:
Any young lady will enjoy this for sure.


Thanks… I am thinking about what to do. Hard to make a decision… My mom may want to go shopping at DTD, and I want to do it all… Think I can get it in??? Ha!


Go shopping at DTD, then come home and have tea at the Ritz-Carlton to reminisce about your trip!


might need to do that too! Thanks for the reminder.


As my girls have gotten older, the GF tea has become a tradition with us. We love it! Just a nice way to relax for an hour or so. An ADR is a must. Be sure to have the scones and clotted cream. If you have never had clotted cream you are in for a very delicious experience.


I love the tea at the GF! My mom and I did it on a girls only trip several years ago and it is still one of our favorite WDW memories. It was such a nice, relaxing break from the parks!