Team trip planned... BIG question


We have a team trip in the works. The Disney World of Sports has the ASSports as its official hotel. However, we like peace and quiet in the evenings after games. Maybe a nice moderate or a home-away-from-home resort. Has anyone ever traveled with a team and stayed at the ASSports with the group? Was it too crazy and wild with such huge packs of athletes racing around?


Our family stayed at the ASSports in March. We didn’t think the noise was bad at all. There were some cheerleaders practicing in the parking lot a few times, that’s about it. There are a lot of people at the resort though, so there will be more noise near the pool areas and walkways. We enjoyed our stay there. If you are looking for something with more peace and quiet, the POFQ was very calm and relaxing.


I think you should stay at the same resort with the team. Maybe just request a further away building to avoid potential noise.


I think you will be OK… As Dana said request a building way far out there, and that should help with any potential noise.