Teen things @ WDW?


My daughter will be going with us to WDW, and she’ll have turned 15 by that time. She’s at that stage where she’s been to WDW a few times already, so she’s a bit jaded, not to mention she’s “too cool” to be a big kid. I’ve been trying to come up with things for her to do (in addition to the rides) just to ensure she doesn’t start hemming and hawing.

I’ve got the Hidden Mickey book because she loves challenges. I also suggested she get her hair done all wild at the barbershop (thanks for the tip, guys!)

I know she finds Epcot boring (she thinks “Educational… ew”, and she was pretty bored the last time), and MGM if it’s not the Tower of Terror or RnRc, she’s filing her nails.

I also came up with, if she starts doing that, a list of things for her to do for us. Like if I send her off to get Fastpasses, or to watch her 5 year old sister while the BF and I ride something, or to get a photo or autograph of someone, she gets a predetermined amount (like 50 cents, a dollar whatever), she can have that tallied all up to get a souvenir (or two) at the end of the trip.

Anyone else have teenagers like mine and have any stories or tips to share?


go to the disney official website…and they have a section about things to do for teens at wdw…check it out! it should help!


How do you feel about letting her go off on her own for a little while at a time?

I was 15 the first time I went to WDW, and my parents found that letting me go on ToT or RnRC by myself while they did the “boring” stuff at MGM (or letting me shop at Epcot while they went in the World Showcase) was a good way to keep me from getting whiny.

Obviously it’s at your discretion, but I had pretty overprotective parents and even THEY didn’t want me tailing them with a bored look on my face all the time! :laugh:


You know, I figured she would probably be more likely to go off on her own for a while. She does own a cellphone, so that’s something I figured anyway. But that’s also a good idea, letting her go shopping (with her own money of course, unless she wants to “earn” some from us :wink: Too bad Disney doesn’t do gift cards anymore!)

I’m like your parents, but I also realize she IS growing up, and it’s not fun having to hang with the adults all day. And getting into a snit because she’s whiny, well it’s just not gonna happen. But that’s an idea… which is why I fgured if she runs off to do tasks for us, we’ll give her enough time to do her thing on the way back (so we don’t LOSE her :P)



Teens really love riding those little speed raycer boats.
Maybe plan some time for that?
I know she’d be able to drive, but you’d have to ride with her.


how about parasailing, or riding in those mouse boats, or split your group up so some of you do one thing and the others do another. Or how about a water park? Or horseback riding or minature golf?


hmm…I’m 16 and guess I sort of know that feeling…the third time we went I was kind of like that, especially at Epcot…I would suggest watching the live bands…that’s how I found my favorite band (and you’ll never guess who :wink: )


The problem with these is that we’re staying off-site, and are working with a budget, so we really can’t afford any of the little “extras” :nonono2:

That’s actually a really good idea, I was especially worried about her in Epcot, but this is a great idea, for her to check out the bands. Thanks! :flowers:


I have teens too. They think Epcot is really boring. What they do is spend half a day in Innoventions (after riding Test Track and Mission Space for a while…she can use the single riders line and go on as many times as she wants!). They sent picture and video emails to all their friends and played the video games while we toured the World Showcase.

They also had two-way radios so they could just check in with us from time to time and meet up with us for lunch.

In MGM, riding ToT and RnRC a few hundred times was enough to keep them busy. They’re also big Star Tours fans, so they hung out there too.


Actually, if you live near a Disney Store you can buy Disney Dollars, which is just as good as the gift card. In 1994 I was the “cool teenager” in Disneyland with my little brother and sister. In addition to enjoying the rides, I decided beforehand that there were certain characters I wanted to come away with a photo of, and made it my week’s mission to find them. Also, if you are comfortable leaving her alone at the resort, you might consider letting her just spend a day by the pool, if she get tired of the parks.


I think that there is an Birnbaum’s Guide to WDW for Teens. Maybe you could pick her up a copy to read. I went through the teen years with my 2 girls - but our biggest obstacle was the bickering between them (they’re just 15 months apart). My 21 year old got the Hidden Mickey’s book last trip and we all had fun with that. I also think the band thing would be good. Off Kilter has a huge teen girl fan following (can’t beat a man in a kilt and hiking boots). Would you consider Pleasure Island? You’d have to go with her but my kids loved the Adventurers Club and the Comedy Club. And there always seemed to be some loud, bizarre type band playing. I usually hated them, so you know they must have been cool.


llama that’s a great idea! I completely forgot about that book!


I am pretty sure that this defeats the whole “spending time together as a family” thing that wdw is supposed to be about–but is it possible for her to invite a friend to come along without creating to much more of a finiancial burden for you?
My parents would always drag my brother and I off to horrible places like…Williamsburg, Virginia…or Gettysburg for some of our family vacations and the always found that the whiney and “i"m bored’s” were few and far between when friends came along. However, it is a big responsibility to take on someones elses kid–and i am sure this trip is really about family time…
Chances are…it’s all an act really. Sure when your 15 WDW seems ‘lame’ or EPCOT is ‘boring’…but kids only say that AFTER they get home…(I am a high school teacher I hear it all the time)…chances are she’ll perk up the minute she gets there…just dont give her TIME to complain…jam pack your days…the only complaint should be that shes sleepy…and letting her go off on her own for a little while sounds like a good idea also…


I showed her that comment and she seemed interested. Video games? E-mailing friends? I think I just lost her for the day :tongue:

The problem with that is just that she’s less likely to lose a card than the dollars themselves. My daughter, as much as I love her, tends to be scatterbrained and loses things all the time. I’d trust her more with a card (seems more adult) than Disney Dollars, KWIM?

I like this idea. I think a trip to the bookstore tonight is in order… how much is it?

I thought that was 21+? She’s getting to see her uncle for the past time in a few years, who is a big kid himself, so that would be some great bonding time between them if she were allowed. He’s a HUGE PI fan.

Well she and I are pretty close, and I do understand that at that age, they’re not too cool on hanging around the “old folk” all the time. I know I didn’t, and I’m okay with the idea that she doesn’t. My friend who is going with us has an 11 year old daughter, so I’m sure they’ll get along just fine. One of her friends? LOL to be honest she’s at that stage where she’s picking some “out there” kind of friends, and I don’t think her friends would have the money to go. I know we don’t :slight_smile: :smile:


We have 2 kids 16 and 11 1/2 since they have outgrown the babysitting clubs, they are now going to DD to Disney Quest we go to MCO a few times a year so we have annuals/for the parks and DQ, they LOVE it!
Also my son who is now 16 goes to DD to the Under 21 at HOB, my son mixes in well with people, so doesn’t mind going alone* he always meets kids and has a great time.
Just a suggestion. The Tix to HOB are around 18.00 the ages are 13-18 drinks except soda (pop) is served. He loves it. We leave in 3 days and already has tix for two of the local (MCO) bands. It’s a great place and we feel comfortable for him to go. Usually the under age nights are Tuesday and Fridays. Alot of local MCO teens go, so it’s a great place for kids to meet and have fun!
My DD has been going to DQ and loves it as well, they go together as well as seperate and giving her a phone, we never had a problem for her going a couple hours as well.
Depending on how “mature” your kids are and if they have had responsibilities, can mix in well with others, etc etc.
Leaving kids at DQ is a great idea. For years both went to babysitting clubs and my son got to do the Disney Institute a couple times before it was closed, we did too, that was a great program.
There are also alot of behind the scene tours to do, you would have to contact Disney, Reservation Center can put you in touch with what programs are now running.
Other theme parks have things for teens (not sure if we are supposed to mention this though)
But my kids have gone to Sea World there is a program there as well.
I am sure the other parks offer things as well.

Good luck and have fun on all your trips!
3 days and counting…counting…counting…counting!!!
pixie dust to everyone!!! :wink:


:wink: I meant to say, no hard drinks are sold!!! SORRY!
only soda (pop), and the local bands they have great!



As long as she is accompanied by an adult, she can go to Pleasure Island. A couple of the clubs are off-limits, but there’s still lots she can do.

I’m not sure of the cost of the book - you could check it out on Amazon.


Mari annie, I’m sure this is really obvious :blush:, but what is MCO?


totally was confused about that one too—i know the airport is always abbriavted as MCO…but then again I have no idea what that means either…
mickey country ohhhh boy…


lol!!! That must be it!! :laugh: