Teens and ADRs... what do you think?


How do you feel about setting up ADRs for character meals and for dinner shows like HDDR when you are travelling with teens instead of younger kids?

I am trying to decide whether my Disney-crazed kids would feel too old now to be eating with Mickey or to be dancing and singing at HDDR. My guess is they’d rather be on their own, getting counter-service meals. Or maybe going with us to the more festive sit-down (but non-character) places…



I don’t think you ever get to old for characters. My DS is almost 14 and he still enjoys our ADR’s character or not.


I never got tired of character meals, I’ve been going since I was 3 yrs old. So if you’re kids are still Disney-loving teens, I’d say go for it.

The only thing I might suggest is go to meals where it seems you may get more adults…like LTT (as opposed to Chef Mickey were alot of younger kids seem to go). I was never into HDD so can’t comment on that.


I have done lots of character meals with no children in the party. Why not give them some dinners on their own and others as a family with characters or shows?


If it’s a tradition, it’s a tradition.
If it’s my boys, they know full well, that we will go to the Crystal Palace for breakfast, and the will enjoy it :laugh:
I know that my teens would rather be without such things, but they’re not “Disney-crazed kids” either.

I am afraid that was not very helpful :crying:


MissDis, have you asked them how they feel about it? I always ask my boys for their input. (Now, if its a surprise, that doesn’t help, does it.)


I’d ask the kids directly which they prefer if your goal is a happy family at meal time.


Oh I feel bad- we never ask DD whether she still enjoys the character meals as we just presume she loves them like DH and myself- no seriously, we always asked DD if she felt too ‘grown up’ to visit character places as she got a little older but luckily she has always enjoyed the interaction.


My kids prefer good food and theme to character meals. (If they had to choose) They will choose Artist Point and Le Cellier over any character meal at WDW. I’d say mix it up and do both.


We took our DD to WDW for her 18th b-day. I gave her the option of ANYWHERE in the World to have her b-day dinner & guess what she picked… Chef Mickey’s!!!:mickey: :mickey: Now that’s not to say she’d like to do ALL character meals, but even at 22 now she still loves Cindy’s Castle for breakfast, & Crystal Palace etc even though she also loves Fulton’s, 50’s Primetime etc. I think it totally depends on the kid but I think if they’ve “grown-up” with Disney they never really out-grow the characters.


I think it depends on the kid actually.
I would ask them first–but also I think I’d plan maybe only one character meal and then a couple cool meals for the entire family. Then maybe have an ADR or two for just you and DH since it is your anniversary. That way they can have some free time and eat counter service and stuff. I know your kids are older teens so I think they’d really appreciate that!


Thanks everyone… I did ask the kids, but they are the kind of kids who will always say “Wherever you like is fine by us!” Or “Character meals are great! We like all the restaurants,” just because they know I like those places.

They are WAY too polite about that kind of thing for me to get a real read on them. And they mean it when they say they’d be happy anywhere. But I’d like to tailor this trip to their REAL tastes. Hard with teenagers…


P.S. Don’t get me wrong. While my kids are polite and generous about this kind of thing, they have serious shortcomings. For instance, they absolutely cannot share the back seat of the car without WW3 breaking out.


Sometimes teenagers haven’t quite figured out what their “REAL tastes” are… If making you happy makes them happy, encourage it. There are waaaaay too many self-centered people in this world already & it sounds like you’re doing a GREAT job with your kids! Keep it up!:wub:


My 17 year old insisted on HDDR and CM in December.


I still think character meals are still cool and I am 34…my DD still likes them and she’s 14…we are either the biggest dorks in the world, or charcter meals are fun at any age. I say book a few for fun and have other meals mixed in. The kids will pretend it’s dorky, but secretly will love it especially if they are disney freaks. Disney and characters go together like peanutbutter and jelly…


OK, I asked again, and they were adamant… They want Hoop De Doo! :happy:

That’s a new experience for us, and I am really looking forward to it!!!

I love my kids… :heart:


I remember those days! Especially on extended vacations that included camping. We had a SAAB 96 (SMALL CAR!) and it was crammed full, plus there was an overloaded roof rack as well. Yep sister and I had no room, no air conditioning, and not much in the way of entertainment. (We’re talking mid and late 60s)
Boy am I glad I don’t have kids!


See, sometimes it helps to just ask. I’m glad it wasn’t a difficult choice.


Hehee. :laugh: