Teens on their own?


Silly overprotective me…my sons are 16 & 13. Should I allow them to wander the parks on their own (with pre-arranged meeting times in mind)?


I don’t think that is being overprotective at all. Now a days it’s called being smart. Only you will be able to decide if you are comfortable letting them go off by themselves. If you decide to you may want to get two way radios or cell phones for them.


I allowed my kids to go off on there own at the World. They each had their cell phones and they were 15 and 13 at the time. They had a great time and we didn’t have any trouble.


t that age and cell phones I would let my child tour alone if we were close, like in the same park or having dinner in a resort near the park. We usually go to WDW with another family and the last time we went their older 2 were 17 and 12 and they did tour alone a couple of time but we were always in contact with all our cell phones.


I know I will be the same way…my kids are not teens yet but I know I will struggle with letting them on their own. I think my kids have a good head on their shoulders but I DO NOT trust others.
And then I think back to when I was their age and I was always on my own:ohmy: and that REALLY makes me not want to let them go:angel: :laugh: :laugh: (That probably didn’t make you feel any better about the decision but I think it all has to do with their maturity level. I don’t think my parents ever took that into consideration…:biggrin: )


I allowed mine to wander a bit when they were 15 or so. Never had any issues. Just keep in mind that it’s hard to hear cell phones in noisy queues and on rides, and reception is not great in some places. Always have a back up plan and don’t panic if you don’t meet up exactly on time. My 2 got stuck on TTA for 45 minutes, but they were able to call us.


IMO… if 16 is old enough to operate a vehicle… they are old enough to walk around Disney.


That’s a good way to look at it, Daisee. I a protective parent but letting my son (when he’s older) walk around with a teen friend woulldn’t worry me too much as long as we were in the park or very close.


We do let our teens go, with cell phones turned on and the promise that they will stay together at all times.


I allowed my 16 year old to go off on his own in the same park as we were in.


I think it depends a lot on how mature your kids are- my son would not be easily safe on his own - not even at 15 I would think but if he were with his sister who is two years younger I would feel fine about it. She is very mature for her age and I would possibly trust her now if it werent so bad of a mom to do do that (she is 10) By the time we do another big trip I am contemplating letting them have time to themselves because it will be a boring trip for them if they are tagalongs to a 4 and 6 year old. Then again you never know- they might want to stay with us.


my sons girlfriend went with us least year (16) and she wanted to stick with us instead of her and my son (16) going off to ride rides together. We also have a 6 year old and 9 year old. But it was also her first trip to Disney.


Thanks everyone. I really appreciated all your opinions. I feel better now about letting them go on their own…if that’s what they decide to do! :slight_smile:


Good point about the cell phones… Also, remember that if you call a kid on their cell phone and they do not answer, it could be because they are on a ride or in an attraction, so ask them to check their phones fo rmessages each time they get off a ride!


I was giving this a lot of thought… planning a new trip, and all that. I was thinking that it might be really cool now that the kids are old enough to roam, to get a room at the Poly, so they could easily monorail over to MK or EC on a whim!
Weird to think of a monorail resort as a perk for teens, right? Usually I think of it as a perk for little ones who have tired legs and strollers!


I have let my children go on their own every once in a while. I feel Disney is safe enough - that was one of the reasons we joined the DVC. We still do stuff together because, well to us, Disney time is family time.

But I do like the time Den and I have away from them.


That’s a good idea. My phone tends to go off when I’m on TOT. It lights up so I see it, but on other rides you may never know.


I would be the same way, I am overprotective too. I think that its alright as long as they have cell phones and you have a prearranged meeting time.


Da boys are better off on thier own that way
there is no competing for moms or my attention!:happy:
They are pros at Disney, we are in the same parks
and they have phones. Helena and I just slow
them down!


At 14, I was allowed to go off on my own with my little brother who was 10 at the time. This was 1984 though, and things have changed. That being said, knowing my kids and at this point DS is only 9 so I have a few years to change my mind, I can see letting them go off in pairs at 14 if they were in the same park as us and they had a cell phone.