Television Channels at FW Cabins?


So, going with me on this trip is a die hard Jets fan. I need to know if CBS is available at the cabins. While the rest of us are enjoying Epcot and Illuminations he needs to be watching the game. :confused:


Not sure about the cabins but there’s the espn restaurant and when we went last year they had the bills vs pats game at the cbr pool bar.


The cabins have TVs.
So of course you’ll get CBS because they’re hooked up to the same cable as the rest of WDW. I think it’s Channel 6 on their cable.

Wow, two years in a row we made the AFC Championship Game!!!
Of course as a 40 year suffering Jets fan, I’m happy they’ve gotten this far and after watching the Steelers yesterday, I won’t be crushed if the Jets get beaten. Then again, IF (and that’s a huge IF!) they manage to make it to the Super Bowl (and an even bigger IF considering what the Bears and the Packers both look like) and win, I’ll be able to pass away content.


:laugh:Thanks! I have never paid much attention to the television or the cable. I’m not sure we can allow him to watch the game at the ESPN club. He needs room to pace!


I know about room to pace.
I also know about the need to yell whatever you wish at the TV without having to worry about disturbing others.


You are right. I’m sure there will be some yelling too! lol


Been there twice during the super bowl and both times the game was everywhere, hotel lobbies, etc.


I was there during a football championship one year and had DBF and his DS with us…they had the game on in the resorts. I was at HS with my DD…could have cared less…lol


Even if it was The Eagles?


From a die hard bills fan who never thought they would say this…


[QUOTE=nubeanie;1062940]From a die hard bills fan who never thought they would say this…

Being born in Buffalo, it’s hard to not like the Bills, but I’ve still half my life in the NY metro area and picked the Jets while I was in my early teens.

So how exactly is it that the first pro football game I ever went to was the Bills vs the Dolphins (who I do hate!)?
Anyway Nubeanie, I was holding my breath and my tongue until the clock was inside one minute and victory was almost certain there was no way the Jets would lose.
But in the end, the Patriots were their own worst enemy because they just didn’t bring the intensity that I saw from Green Bay, the Bears, the Ravens, the Seahawks, the Steelers, and the Falcons.
I fear the trip to Pittsburgh next week.


I can’t win here either way. The Bills have been terrible, so not much hope there. Hopefully the division will turn over in a few years.

But if the Jets win I’ll have to suffer through their fans forever. We get quite a few at the games because of the local colleges.

So Ill be rooting for the Steelers, then the Pack to win outright. I think I’d pass out if I have to watch that boob fireman ed hooting on every tv spot.



Jets, Jets, Jets


exactly what i meant :blow:


good luck to my freinds who are Jets fans.

rlb, I have been ‘home’ several time when my Eagles and Phillies have been playing. The ESPN club is an awesome place to watch. So many fans and a great atmosphere. Your friend would like it (pacing is allowed).


We stayed in the cabins in 2009 and I remember they had 3 major networks.