Tell me about Air Tran


Air Tran has $89 non-stop flights but we have never flown with them. I’ve been reading some really bad things online and want to know if I would regret booking with them. Seems to be a lot of changing flight times.

Give it to me. The good, the bad and the ugly.:blink:


I have taken airtran in the past but not to WDW… I had no problems to charleston and altanta. I do think that most of their flights are hoppers, with a stop in atlanta, if you have kids, fly direct way easier on you.


Yea, got three kiddos. That’s why we always fly non-stop (usually Southwest). I just read that all their non-stops aren’t really non-stops, every flight stops in Atlanta. Can this be true??? We’re flying out of MCI Kansas City, Missouri.


Atlanta is Airtrans hub, 9 times out of 10 they will make a stop to atlanta to refuel and/or change planes

If you give me your dates, I can see what I can find with my contacts…:cool:


I was one of those with big Airtran issues (two different trips). If you do book with them (they are cheap, no doubt), try to book non-stop if at all possible. Readers Digest version: My connecting flight in Atlanta left early, and even though we were there, they wouldn’t let us on the plane becuase they didn’t have time to change over the luggage and still leave on time- so they stranded almost 100 people! Ironically, I only had carry on luggage :glare:

Also- check your flight reservation often for changes (this last trip they didn’t notify us of a significant change).


We have flown with them 5 times. They are one of only 2 that fly direct to Orlando from Indianapolis. While they have changed our flight times nearly every time I still book with them and will again.

So, I think if it is non-stop and a good price - go for it. Our flights really were non-stop and did not go to Atlanta.


Non stop doesn’t mean that there are no stops. Air Tran does stop in Atlanta. My parents have flown with them on a number of occassions with no problems. I think that you might be able to find a direct flight with no stops for that price. What city are you flying out of?


I booked my return Airtran flight from MCO to Boston on 4/19 because Southwest was double the price. I have a non stop flight.My wife and son have ear problems with take off and landings ,so I hope we do not stop in Atlanta!! This will be our first time on Airtran.I liked the fact that I could check in our luggage at the resort.I hope I am not sorry…


Thanks, Dee. We leave from MCI on June 4th.


How in the world can you tell if a flight is really a non-stop or a psuedo non-stop. We fly out of MCI (Kansas City, MO), it’s a 2 hr. 40 min. flight so I really can’t see them having to refuel in Atlanta. Who knows???:blink:


ARRRRRRRGGGG… you sound just like me. DD15 has the same problem with her ears. She was in tears during take off and landing last vacation.:crying:


and you will be returning when?


Thru a return date in… have you tried Midwest Airlines


Kansas City (MCI) Wed, Jun 04
09:15 AM Orlando
(MCO) Wed, Jun 04
12:40 PM

Orlando (MCO) Tue, Jun 10
01:15 PM Kansas City
(MCI) Tue, Jun 10
03:10 PM


oops sorry, June 10th.


Ohhhh that looks good. I’m off to go look.


Air Tran says that they are non stop flights but I am guessing it probably stops in Atlanta, it has nothing to do with refueling the plane. It is about cost savings for the airline. If you are looking for something look for a direct flight. Let me look for you…hold on a minute


I guess I done good…


Kansas City


Yes it looks like it flys directly into MCO so you should be fine. Also Midwest has the same price for same as Airtran


Good luck to you in booking!